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  • 1.  Dec 13 Discussion: Managing Neurodiverse Employees

    Posted Nov 29, 2023 04:59 PM
    Edited by Erik Nordberg Nov 29, 2023 05:10 PM

    Susan Klopper, Director of the Goizueta Business Library at Emory University, will lead our next group zoom discussion on Wednesday, December 13. 

    She writes:
    Many, if not all of us, manage neurodiverse staff, but there is a huge gap in resources that we, as managers, need in order to support the success of those individuals, while also providing us with the knowledge and insights that we need to ensure success and a fair and productive distribution of work across the team, as well as sustaining our own mental wellness. 
    This is a topic for which knowledge is critical, and as managers and leaders, we can share experiences and create a supportive and safe space.I look forward to a great conversation and learning from each other.

    The zoom event is set for 10am PST / 11am MTN / 12pm CST / 1pm ESTCore has set up registration for our discussion sessions, please click on this link to register for the entire series or as many sessions as you would like: at

    The series continues in 2024 on the second Wednesday of the month.  We welcome ideas and hosts for specific themes and months.  Each month, we will introduce a new topic in the Core Library Leaders & Managers Interest Group forum in ALA Connect. Anyone can join and you don't need to be an ALA or Core member to participate (see instructions here). Prior to each session, we will pose additional discussion questions and share related readings to encourage conversation through the Connect forum. Each month's activity will conclude with an informal, lightly moderated, synchronous zoom discussion session around the topic held at 9am PST/10am MTN/11am CST/12pm EST. Participants can stop in for a minute, or stay for the entire session. The sessions are not recorded to encourage open and honest discussion. 

    We look forward to your participation!

    Erik Nordberg and Cinthya Ippoliti, co-chairs
    Core Library Leaders and Managers Interest Group

  • 2.  RE: Dec 13 Discussion: Managing Neurodiverse Employees

    Posted Dec 26, 2023 09:25 AM
    Edited by Lauren Dodd Dec 26, 2023 09:29 AM

    Unfortunately I was on leave and had to miss this valuable discussion, but were there any notes or resources that could be shared out from this meeting? 

    Edit: I just found the other thread with resources, I apologize for the unnecessary message and thank you for sharing those!