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Project Management Interest Group

Purpose: A forum where those who are interested in the topic of project management or working in this area can come together to learn and share expertise; explores how libraries and library workers can develop PM skills and apply PM to their organizations.

Information Technology and Libraries

Latest Articles

  • Information Technology and Libraries has moved to our new hosting platform. We provide an update on Editorial Board activities and summarize the content of this issue.
  • To assist public libraries with diversity audits, several automated services have been created. This article provides an overview of automated diversity audit services, including a homegrown option.
  • At the University of Memphis, a team of librarians and library staff formed the Research Guides Redesign Team (RGRT) to redesign, organize, and evaluate the University Libraries’ (UL) research guides. The purpose of the project was to ensure that the...
  • Universities and scientific educational institutions today need targeted information services to ensure that their user communities have the information they need. This study aims to design, develop, implement, and evaluate a mobile application for...
  • This study discusses the importance of the DSpace open-source software that supports numerous digital libraries and repositories around the world. With the release of DSpace version 7, a natural question that arises is whether the new version offers...
  • In 2021, the assessment-data management librarian at Lehman College Library decided to conduct a privacy audit of the Library’s public computers and networks. This audit comprised one of the Library’s two annual formal assessments of resources and services...
  • This paper explores the potential of language models such as ChatGPT to transform library cataloging. Through experiments with ChatGPT, the author demonstrates its ability to generate accurate MARC records using RDA and other standards such as the Dublin...