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Library Leadership and Management

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  • Covid-19 led to a dramatic change in the academic library work environment, with many workers shifting to a hybrid work schedule once they returned to in person work. The authors describe the impact of this schedule shift through the novel use of the...
  • Mentorship provides opportunities for both novice and experienced catalogers to develop their skills and learn what it means to catalog in a cooperative environment. Often libraries do not have the resources to provide specialized training for the...
  • Compared to other professionals, librarians in Indonesia are less recognized as belonging to a profession. Rather than information professionals, librarians in Indonesia are seen as technical, clerical, and administrative staff. This paper discusses...
  • The Association of Professional School Librarians in Indonesia (“APISI”) is a self-funded private organization established in 2006. Starting with a small group of enthusiastic school librarians, APISI now maintains hundreds of members nationwide and...

About this Section

Our community provides librarians and library staff from any positional level or library type who desire to impact the broader profession a space to connect around the fundamental proficiencies and knowledge necessary to lead a successful organization. We explore and develop members' skills to create an inspiring vision, motivate people, and manage complex projects. We also help connect larger theoretical constructs to real, practical experiences. Join a network of colleagues who understand and want to help each other succeed...because when we succeed, libraries succeed, and when libraries succeed, everyone benefits.