Games in Libraries

  • Gen Con 2018

    When I started my career as a librarian, I had to get certified by the state, and to maintain that certification, I have to accrue
  • Fortnite

    Everyone and their brother (and sister) lately has been on about Fortnite, the new free-to-play battle royale game from Epic Games.  Originally launched as a
  • Summer Reading is finally behind us for another year, congratulations. Now it is time to start planning for International Gaming Week! November 4 – 10,

ALA Advocacy News

  • CHICAGO – Constance Wu, star of the soon-to-be released film “Crazy Rich Asians,” is featured in three new video Public Service Announcements (PSAs) promoting the transformative resources available at libraries. In the PSAs, Wu shares her love of libraries and explains how they advance inclusion and education for people of all backgrounds. The PSAs are free and are available for download .
  • The American Library Association, along with the Library Copyright Alliance, applauds last night’s ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty and passage of the Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Act (S. 2559) by theU.S. Senate by unanimous consent.
  • NEW ORLEANS –  Today American Library Association (ALA) President Loida Garcia-Febo introduced “Libraries = Strong Communities,” a national advocacy effort aimed at highlighting the value of academic, public and school libraries. This initiative is uniquely positioned to ignite public awareness of the value of libraries and library staff and create a groundswell of support at the local, state, national and global level. Garcia-Febo announced the effort during the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibit Inaugural Banquet in New Orleans.