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Project Management Interest Group

Purpose: A forum where those who are interested in the topic of project management or working in this area can come together to learn and share expertise; explores how libraries and library workers can develop PM skills and apply PM to their organizations.

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  • Communication is one of the most important elements affecting productivity and work climate in any organization. Effective organizational communication can contribute to organizational success in many ways including building employee morale, satisfaction...
  • A survey of 23 questions was sent out to various library related listservs during the fall of 2020 to investigate the unique impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditionally, library technical services departments conducted most, if not all, work in...
  • Workplace bullying is a problem in many work environments and can take different forms, including spreading gossip, criticism of work, unreasonable workloads, and being excluded. It can cause physical, psychological, and emotional stress, manifesting...
  • This essay focuses on how academic libraries can have hope despite low morale, burnout, and budgetary issues. Despite these challenging times, it is an opportunity for an employee focused future of work and life balance. It is also a time to redress...