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Purpose: Provides a broad framework for information exchange on current research developments, tools, and activities affecting networked information resources and metadata; coordinates and actively participates in the development and review of standards concerning networked resources and metadata in conjunction with the divisions' committees and sections, other units within ALA, and relevant outside agencies; and develops programs and fosters and sponsors education and training opportunities that contribute to and enhance an understanding of networked resources and metadata, their identity, content, technology, access, control, and use; and plans and monitors activities using Core's strategic and tactical plan as a framework.

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Call for comment [due Sept. 13]: RDA proposals on places/jurisdictions and on term of rank, honor, or office

  • 1.  Call for comment [due Sept. 13]: RDA proposals on places/jurisdictions and on term of rank, honor, or office

    Posted Sep 07, 2023 10:24 AM

    Comments are requested on RSC/PlacesWG/2023/2, Revision of Corporate Body: jurisdiction governed and Place: jurisdiction governed of, and on RSC/ReligionsWG/2023/2, a proposal to the RSC to Revise term of rank or honour or office.  I am sending this call for comments to the Metadata Interest Group in my capacity as MIG liaison to CC:DA.

    Abstract and background, RSC/PlacesWG/2023/2

    This proposal address objections to RSC/PlacesWG/2023/1 that came up during the recent RSC meeting.

    This proposal revises the labels and definitions of Corporate Body: jurisdiction governed and Place: jurisdiction governed of as was recommended by the RSC at its May 2023 meeting. RSC/PlacesWG/2023/1 made several recommendations for removing ambiguity concerning the use of the term jurisdiction in RDA. Recommendations 4 and 7 from the proposal were withdrawn at the meeting due to RSC objections (RSC/Minutes/372-392 Item 380.4) and are being resubmitted.

    Abstract and background, RSC/ReligionsWG/2023/2:

    This complements the proposal on changes to  instructions for adding these titles proposed in RSC/ReligionsWG/2023/1

    We are proposing changes to the instructions for the element Person: term of rank or honour or office ( This is related to tasks 2 and 3 of our charge (RSC/Chair/2023/4) to review instructions that address religious agents and to consider where general, internationally applicable instructions should be placed and how they should be framed. Our proposal would eliminate some conditions, condition options, and options that are specific to Christian denominations from base RDA, add a new general condition and condition option group that is not specific to Christianity, and generalize the condition group on terms of address for religious vocation. As always, individual communities can choose to keep removed instructions in their application profiles. We also propose a change to the definition of the element to make it applicable to religious denominations beyond those in Christianity.

    Please send me your comments by September 13 and I will compile them and post them to the CC:DA public page.  You can reply to this message or email me at

    Timothy Ryan Mendenhall (he/him)
    Metadata Librarian, Columbia University
    CORE Metadata Interest Group Liaison to CC:DA