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ACRL Anthropology and Sociology Section (ANSS)  

Charge: Supports the study of those aspects of library service that require knowledge in the areas of human and societal studies such as anthropology, sociology, criminal justice or criminology and other related fields.

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ACRL Arts Section (Arts)  

Charge: Provides an umbrella organization for the promotion of library service in the field of visual and performing arts through discussion of current issues, the exchange of information, and the carrying out of suitable projects.

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ACRL College Libraries Section (CLS)  

Charge: Advances college librarianship and encourages the development of library services in baccalaureate-degree-granting institutions.

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ACRL Community and Junior College Libraries Section (CJCLS)  

Charge: Serves to share common areas of interest to enhance library services and librarianship in libraries and learning resource centers in two-year institutions and to support the educational programs of these institutions.

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ACRL Digital Scholarship Section (DSS)  

The Digital Scholarship Section (DSS) provides a forum for ACRL members engaged in exploring, adapting, and implementing emerging digital scholarship services. This includes the topics of digital curation in support of the lifecycle management of research; digital humanities to cultivate a community of practice involved in digital humanities research and development; and connecting researchers with numeric and geospatial data that is compiled by others. This section will sponsor discussions or programs that share the ways in which libraries are working toward these topics using scalable, efficient, and sustainable methods. This section will inform and educate librarians on digital scholarship trends and new technologies and collaborate with other organizations within the library profession and academe on issues concerning digital scholarship.

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ACRL Distance and Online Learning Section (DOLS)  

Charge: Supports and promotes library services to off campus and distance education students; provides a vehicle for the professional development and exchange of ideas among librarians working with off campus and distance education students.

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ACRL Education and Behavioral Science Section (EBSS)  

Charge: Serves the common interests of education and behavioral sciences librarians, including communications studies, psychology, and social work librarians. Members explore a host of issues in the areas of information literacy, effective use of technology in the classroom, collection development, scholarly communication, research, and other concerns pertaining to education and behavioral sciences librarianship.

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ACRL European Studies Section (ESS)  

Charge: Represents librarians and specialists in European affairs from ancient times to the present, and promotes the improvement of library services supporting study and research.

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ACRL Instruction Section (IS)  

Charge: Enhances the ability of academic and research librarians to advance learning, teaching, and research with respect to information literacy in higher education.

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ACRL Literatures in English Section (LES)  

Charge: Represents members of ACRL who specialize or are otherwise professionally involved in the selection, acquisition, organization, and use of information resources related to literatures in English.

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ACRL Politics, Policy and International Relations Section (PPIRS)  

Charge: Serves as an educational forum and information exchange for librarians with an interest or subject expertise in politics, policy and international relations.

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ACRL Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS)  

Charge: Exercises leadership in the local, national, and international special collections communities to represent and promote concerns related to rare books, manuscripts, and other special collections.

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ACRL Science and Technology Section (STS)  

Charge: The Science and Technology Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries provides a forum through which librarians in scientific and technical subject fields can achieve and maintain awareness of the impact and range of information with which they work; and promotes improved accessibility to and active use of this information.

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ACRL University Libraries Section (ULS)  

Charge: Advances university librarianship, university library service, and the development of university libraries in institutions with graduate programs.

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ACRL Women & Gender Studies Section (WGSS)  

Charge: The Women & Gender Studies Section (WGSS) of the Association of College & Research Libraries was formed to discuss, promote, and support women's studies collections and services in academic and research libraries.

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