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Jessica Kirk

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I'm in Little Rock working at the Arkansas State Library. I love to help people find the information they need by guiding them in the right direction with their research. Helping prepare people for whatever task is before them is rewarding work and I especially enjoy helping someone discover a new resource. Developing training and instructional programs are projects I enjoy.

Personally I enjoy gardening, staring at succulents, bugs, watching food grow. I like to be outside, but usually more in a hammock. Although it's not unusual for me to be found on top of a mountain in this beautiful state, believe me I complained most of the way up. I like to send and receive postcards and the general feeling ephemera gives me. I think about growth a lot, mine and of those around me. 

I like to think of my super power as having approximate knowledge about most things. Any lack of depth drives my life-long craving for learning and my natural curiosity helps me gather all the starting points for when I can dive deeper. 

I'm very interested in how we impact our community in life and work. I have a family with a couple of young children and a beautiful, maybe the most beautiful, cat.