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Purpose: Provides a broad framework for information exchange on current research developments, tools, and activities affecting networked information resources and metadata; coordinates and actively participates in the development and review of standards concerning networked resources and metadata in conjunction with the divisions' committees and sections, other units within ALA, and relevant outside agencies; and develops programs and fosters and sponsors education and training opportunities that contribute to and enhance an understanding of networked resources and metadata, their identity, content, technology, access, control, and use; and plans and monitors activities using Core's strategic and tactical plan as a framework.

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Survey on soft-deprecated elements in Official RDA, deadline 15 September

  • 1.  Survey on soft-deprecated elements in Official RDA, deadline 15 September

    Posted Aug 09, 2023 10:00 AM

    Dear colleagues,

    The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) has issued a survey on soft-deprecated terms in Official RDA, with a  response deadline of 15 September.  The RSC would like feedback from as many catalogers / metadata producers as possible.  These soft-deprecated terms were part of Original RDA, but during the 3R Project were deemed either too granular or redundant with other terms.  The RSC made a commitment that all elements/terms  from Original RDA would remain in Official RDA after the 3R Project, provided that they do not conflict with the IFLA-LRM.  The survey seeks to determine how different RDA user communities are approaching the soft-deprecated terms, and whether they should "should remain or be removed, in full or in part, from RDA."  For each soft-deprecated term, there is a a recommended new term identified in the relevant pre-recording section of the term in Official RDA.  These soft-deprecated terms can be found by searching Official RDA for "The following option is recommended" (quotation marks are recommended for search).  If you do not have access to the Official Toolkit, the list of soft-deprecated terms and their mappings to recommended terms is available for download from the RDA Registry as a .csv,  or you can also copy a Google Sheet containing the mapping between soft-deprecated and recommended terms.  The survey may be completed either by individual catalogers or by institutions. 

    Timothy Ryan Mendenhall (he/him)
    Metadata Librarian, Columbia University
    CORE Metadata Interest Group Liaison to CC:DA