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Offer list - expires Jan 8th

  • 1.  Offer list - expires Jan 8th

    Posted Nov 27, 2023 07:38 AM
    The following periodicals are available until Jan. 8, 2024
    Please reimburse in stamps when the mailing cost is over $3.
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    The American Scholar Winter 2022 (Vol. 91, No. 1)

    The Economist June 11th-17th 2022 (Vol. 443, No. 9300)

    The Economist June 24th-30th 2023 (Vol. 447, No. 9352)

    The Economist July 15th-21st 2023 (Vol. 448, No.9355)

    Carla Lindenmuth 

    Serials Specialist

    Lafayette College Libraries

    710 Sullivan Road

    Easton PA 18042