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Purpose: Provides a forum for discussion of issues within the field of technical services which are relevant to library staff at all levels, particularly those issues relating to the evolution of technical services as it affects and is affected by technology and greater interdependency among all library departments.

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Mark your Calendar! CITSIG In-Person Discussions at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago!

  • 1.  Mark your Calendar! CITSIG In-Person Discussions at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago!

    Posted Jun 02, 2023 03:30 PM

    ALA Core Creative Ideas in Technical Services (CITSIG) is pleased to announce the in-person round table discussion topics for the upcoming
    ALA Annual Conference in Chicago on June 25th from 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.  -  Hilton Chicago, Williford Room

    Topic 1:  Current Issues in E-Resource and Acquisitions 
    Facilitator:  Susan Davis, Acquisitions Librarian for Continuing Resources and Licensing Specialist & Electronic Resources Team Coordinator at the University at Buffalo (SUNY)

    General description:  Electronic resource management and acquisitions work are central to the library's ability to fulfill its mission.  Functional expertise in these areas can be very nitty-gritty and niche to the library's setting, but as professionals working in this arena, we also know that there are areas where we can garner strength by sharing and learning from others who perform this work.  Let's talk about it!  Bring your experiences about support networks, trainings, business principles, and communication tips!  What are your pain points and how do you address them?  Where have you had success?  Susan will focus this discussion on all things that support the growth and support of E-resource and Acquisitions librarians and staff.  

    Topic 2:  Approaches to Demonstrating the Value of Cataloging and Metadata Work
    Facilitator:  Margaret Joyce, Hawaiian Materials Cataloging/Metadata Librarian, University of Hawaii at Manoa Library

    General description: As an outgrowth of discussions taking place in the Devaluation of Cataloging Working Group of ALA's Subject Analysis Committee, Margaret will broaden the discussion with ALA attendees, encouraging discussion participants to share how they would convey the value and importance of cataloging and metadata work to administrators, current library school students, staff, patrons and our vendors.  Feedback and topics already collected from a literature review, brainstorming sessions and other discussions over social media and in other settings will provide a list of topics and possible formats to guide exploration of this issue, focused on promoting our value as cataloging and metadata practitioners and professionals.

    Topic 3:  Hiring in Technical Services
    Facilitator: Bela Gupta, Division Head, Library Technical Services, Cataloging & Metadata Librarian, Claire T. Carney Library, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

    General description:  Today, in 2023, many of us face challenges hiring librarians and library assistants in academic libraries, including budgetary, managerial, policy and logistical reasons.  How do we successfully ensure quality and quantity to our applicant pools?  What role does position resignation and retirement play in our libraries and how do we innovate or fine-tune the strength of technical services in a volatile hiring environment?  Sharing her extensive experience on search and screen committees, Bela has thought a great deal about the complexities of this issue.  What are the factors impacting your hiring process and how do you address issues such as environment, culture, individual professional motivation, financial need, reward systems, etc. as you grow and develop the staff in your technical services operation?  Come prepared to share and to learn about this rich and timely topic!  

    Laura Sill (she/her)
    Head of Acquisitions / Chair ALA Core CITSIG
    The University of Chicago Library
    1100 East 57th Street, Room 172
    Chicago, IL 60637 USA
    T: 773.702.0357