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Purpose: A forum where those who are interested in the topic of project management or working in this area can come together to learn and share expertise; explores how libraries and library workers can develop PM skills and apply PM to their organizations.

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Core Project Management IG Session - March 7th, 2-3 pm CT

  • 1.  Core Project Management IG Session - March 7th, 2-3 pm CT

    Posted Feb 12, 2024 02:59 PM

    The Core Project Management Interest Group is pleased to host three presentations on various aspects of project management in libraries during Core Interest Group week. The meeting will take place on Thursday, March 7, 2024, from 2:00-3:00 pm Central Time

    The session is free to attend but registration is required. Register at


    A Case Study in Digitization and Publishing to a Library Repository

    This presentation will present a case study of a mass digitization project of an historical television program for the Arizona State University Library. This case study will focus on the project management principles that undergirded the project, and which led to its ultimate success. From initiation to project close out and review, we will map the traditional stages of project planning to the case study, demonstrating how they assisted with ensuring successful outcomes. In this way, we will show how a use case that many academic libraries will be familiar with- that of digitization and publishing- can be directly impacted by a project management perspective. The presentation will include lessons learned and principles that we carried forward to subsequent projects. 

    Presenter: Timothy Provenzano, Arizona State University


    Lessons learned from a multi-faceted web migration project 

    This presentation aims to share valuable insights and lessons learned from the successful migration of all Emory Libraries' websites to a new content management system. The projects and subprojects involved significant planning, collaboration, technical expertise, and adaptability to surprise changes to ensure a seamless transition while preserving and enhancing the digital presence of the libraries. Attendees will gain practical knowledge on key considerations, challenges faced, and best practices discovered throughout this transformative journey.

    Presenters will review the lessons learned based on some of the technical challenges, capacity constraints, and post-migration evaluation. By attending this presentation, participants will gain practical insights into the complexities and nuances of migrating large-scale library websites from one CMS to another. The lessons learned from Emory Libraries' experience will serve as a valuable guide for institutions considering similar digital transformations in the future. 

    Presenters: Cari Lovins & Laura Akerman, Emory University


    Applying Program Management to Strategic Initiatives

    Most organizations have a strategy in place to close the gap between their current state and a desired future state that has been articulated through the strategic planning process. These strategies are often realized through one or more strategic initiatives, and some might say that if a strategic initiative could be implemented with a single, well-defined project that it may not be particularly strategic. Strategic initiatives are designed to produce outcomes that meet strategic goals and they may need more complex plans and methods than project management techniques offer. Within the field of project management, program management involves coordinating the projects and other components that make up a single program that delivers benefit to the institution. This presentation will show how the presenter's library is using program management techniques to move through layers of complexity in driving changes around one strategic initiative that involves several layers of implementation.

    Presenter: Janetta Waterhouse, Kansas State University

    Nicole Lewis
    Metadata Standards Librarian
    Brigham Young University