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Core Library Leaders and Managers Interest Group November discussion notes

  • 1.  Core Library Leaders and Managers Interest Group November discussion notes

    Posted Nov 13, 2023 02:18 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Here are our notes from our recent discussion!

    1. Campus policies related to AI usage especially around student conduct codes and policies
    2. Inclusion of AI language for syllabi for faculty
    3. Issues around privacy and what information is collected?
    4. How is AI being discussed in terms of information literacy and also reference exchanges-what are our users' expectations that we can use AI to answer any question?
    5. Ethics around the use of AI this ranges from citation creation, to paper writing, to books being created by AI and sold as actual books
    6. How is AI going to shape internal communication and workflows-will we use AI to help us do things like cataloging?
    7. And a final question of what is the library's role within the community/campus to lead and/or participate in conversations related to AI-some of it largely depends on what aspect, but to what extent will we as a profession need to have a perspective and/or be able to provide support or information related to these issues?

    And some links:

    And just a reminder to register for as many discussion sessions as you would like here:

    We look forward to seeing you in December!

    Erik and Cinthya

    Cinthya Ippoliti
    Auraria Library Director
    University of Colorado Denver; Metropolitan State University of Denver; Community College of Denver