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Call for topics for Interest Group Week and/or e-forums!

  • 1.  Call for topics for Interest Group Week and/or e-forums!

    Posted Nov 29, 2023 01:52 PM

    Hello Everyone!

    I hope the extended weekend was peaceful to you all.  IG Week typically happens in March and Bree and I wanted to get a head start on brainstorming topics that you all want to discuss and learn more about. A couple from our meeting were generative AI in library instruction and in-building technology as it relates to library instruction. What other topics are you curious about and how would you like to discuss them?

    Please share in this thread and indicate whether you think it would work better for a Zoom IG week presentation, or a Core e-forum (asynchronous discussion list).  We'll keep the discussion open through mid-January and narrow it down from there. :)

    Melissa Johnson
    Instructional Design & Educational Technologies Librarian
    Southern Methodist University