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Purpose: Provides a forum for discussion of a variety of issues related to authority control for online catalogs and for international sharing of authority of data.

This interest group is part of Core's Metadata and Collections Section.

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  • 1.  Authority control experience

    Posted Feb 21, 2024 11:10 AM

    Hi! I am a early career librarian working with cataloging and metadata . I am looking for advice on obtaining authority control experience or a webinar ? I want to be more marketable in this field. 


    Tomeka Jackson
    Library Resident
    Clemson University

  • 2.  RE: Authority control experience

    Posted Feb 21, 2024 01:02 PM

    Hi.  I recommend the NACO training modules in the Catalogers' Learning Workshop at LC ( While it is geared toward teacdhing a person how to create and update authority reords for the LC/NACO Authority File, Module 1 in psrticular gives a usefaul rationale for authoiry control. and some core principles.  To get information on recent developments and movements toward what is being called "entity management," be on the lookout for slides from the Feburary 15 PCC Participants' meeting, which inclueded a presentation on the Entity Management Cooperative (EMCO), an emerging program to broaden the pool of folks working in the area. This is hardly an exhaustive list, but will get you started

    Music Cataloger
    Washington UniversityGaylord Music Library

  • 3.  RE: Authority control experience

    Posted Feb 22, 2024 08:04 AM

    Hi Tomeka,


    MY OPAC is TLC, and there's actually an authority control webinar coming up soon-unfortunately its geared mostly for people who catalog using ls2cataloging, but I think it would be helpful if you ever work somewhere that does web based cataloging/authority like we do.


    Here's a description and link to sign up:


    Authority Correction Workflows
    February 23rd, 2024

    11:00 am Eastern

    A realistic demonstration of correcting authorities since Kim Mumbower is not reviewing the volunteer library's authority data until the webinar begins. Demonstration uses LibrarySolution 5.x but workflows also apply to LibrarySolution 4.x.

    Kim Mumbower – Product Manager, TLC
    Rhiannon Williams – Product Owner, TLC
    Margaret Miles – New Hanover County Public Library




    Hope that helps!


    Anita Rose


    Blackwater Regional Library 

    ext. 313


    Hours: 8:30-4:30 (eastern)