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Purpose: Provides a forum for discussion of a variety of issues related to authority control for online catalogs and for international sharing of authority of data.

This interest group is part of Core's Metadata and Collections Section.

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  • 1.  ABC's of LCDGT

    Posted Oct 25, 2023 03:32 PM

    ABC's of LCDGT

    In this fast-changing world, understanding the ins and outs of authority records for various demographic groups has become a source of dread for many librarians!  Let us help.

    Join us November 30, 11:00-12:30 (Central Time) for an informative session on the basics of Library of Congress Demographic Group Terms.


    • Veronica Ranieri and Heidy Berthoud will provide a refresher on what LCDGT are, as well as current issues.
    • Cynthia Earman and Haim Gottschalk will give tips on preparing proposals and how they are evaluated.
    • Adam Schiff will end our session with how to use LCDGT terms in bibliographic and authority records.

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    This webinar is being hosted by the Core Authority Control Interest Group

    Metadata Librarian
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln 322 Love Library

  • 2.  RE: ABC's of LCDGT

    Posted Dec 01, 2023 11:31 AM

    Just wanted to express my gratitude for everyone who played a part in this webinar. I'm a seasoned librarian but relatively new to cataloging, and the presenters did a marvelous job providing an approachable overview of LCDGT with clarifying examples, plus a couple cat cameos! I'll be revisiting these notes and able to apply this to my work right away. Well done, thank you!

    Hope Harms
    Digital Access & Cataloging Specialist
    Johnson County Library

  • 3.  RE: ABC's of LCDGT

    Posted Dec 01, 2023 02:00 PM

    Thank you so much, Hope!  I'm very pleased it was clear and approachable.  I'm quite happy to answer any questions that might arise as you start using 385 and 386 fields in your records.

    Adam Schiff
    Principal Cataloger
    University of Washington Libraries