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  • 1.  Hello and Welcome

    Posted Nov 05, 2020 10:41 AM
    Hello, Collaborative Digitization Interest Group members!

    Welcome to Core - we're glad you're here.

    Your interest group has been migrated from ASGCLA and is ready for you to use for discussions and sharing files. Whenever you want to ask a question or discuss a new topic, you can send an email to  and everyone in this group will receive it.  Any files you attach to these emails will be added to the "Library" section in your Connect group automatically.

    By default, your email notifications from the group have been set to "Daily Digest," but you can change that a different frequency in your Connect profile.

    If you want to log in to the group to  send a message that way or browse files that have been uploaded in the past, you can go directly to the Collaborative Digitization IG  in Connect.

    A tip to help expand discussion here: there's a feature in the "Settings" button underneath the name of the group on the Connect site that lets you invite other people to join the group, so feel free to invite other colleagues interested in this topic. Anyone can join a Core interest group, whether they're a member of ALA, Core, or not.

    Also, we're seeking a volunteer to be the chair of this group through June 2021.  There's information about how Core interest groups work on our website,  and I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the role.  Core offers a range of virtual opportunities for interest groups, and you'll need a chair to take full advantage of them, so please consider volunteering if collaborative digitization or leadership is of interest to you. You can email me anytime about anything at


    Jenny Levine
    Core Director of Advocacy, Connections, and Engagement