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Purpose: Provides a forum for discussion of issues related to Linked Library Data and the role of library metadata in the Semantic web. Goals include: raising awareness of Semantic Web technologies, such as the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and the use of URIs as identifiers within bibliographic descriptions; promoting research on linked data challenges, such as domain modeling and vocabulary selection and design; and informing the ongoing development of existing metadata standards for Libraries, Archives and Cultural Heritage Institutions.

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Linked-data updates from LC and the National Library of the Netherlands

  • 1.  Linked-data updates from LC and the National Library of the Netherlands

    Posted Jul 12, 2021 09:27 PM

    The Core Linked Data Interest Group provides a forum for discussing library data's expanding role in the Semantic Web and a showcase for linked library data initiatives. For Core Interest Group Week, we are pleased to present updates on linked data initiatives from two national institutions.

    Linked Data Initiatives at the National Library of the Netherlands | René Voorburg, Linked Data Officer, National Library of the Netherlands

    The National Library of the Netherlands provides access to a growing number of RDF resources through the LodView linked data portal at This presentation will provide an introduction to current work, including discussion of publishing bibliographic entity descriptions using elements from the vocabulary, and possible directions for future work, such as investigation into the RDF implementations of Resource Description and Access (RDA) and the Library Reference Model (LRM).

    Library of Congress Linked Data Service APIs Explained | Nate Trail, Digital Project Coordinator, Library of Congress

    ID.LOC.GOV–also known as the Library of Congress's (LOC) Linked Data Service–is well-known as a point of access for Library of Congress authority and bibliographic data published as linked data (LD). Each resource is modelled in RDF, linked to other resources published by the LOC and resources in external systems such as Wikidata and VIAF, and provided in a variety of LD formats. 

    This presentation will focus on the services–APIs–LOC provides to facilitate greater access to and use of the data. The Suggest Service, Label Service, and Update Feed Service, among others, will be described, including information about how to use them.

    Event Information and Registration
    2021-07-29 | 11:00 CDT (view in your local time here)
    Register here | Core IG Week info here

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