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This page will always contain the most current information about where ALCTS, LITA, and LLAMA are in the process for discussing a new division.

Last updated May 23, 2019

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This week, the Steering Committee, composed of the Presidents, President-Elects, and Executive Directors of the three divisions, concluded that we are not ready to ask our Boards to vote on a new division proposal at this week’s Midwinter Meeting. 

We worked hard to create a comprehensive project plan that would speak to members of each division; however, our timeline to hold the member vote this spring turned out to be too ambitious. There are some unresolved issues around the structure of the new division, the transition plan for existing officers, and the name of the new division.

Although we worked as quickly as possible to resolve these issues, it became apparent this week that the timeline was  too compressed to reach consensus on everything before Midwinter. We also realized our efforts at broader communication and member input fell short, because we have not been able to resolve some of these key questions.

Each division has different cultures with different levels of member engagement, decision-making, and risk-taking, and we want to respect those differences and be in complete agreement before bringing such an important proposal to our members for a vote. So, while there is still great interest in the project, the Steering Committee is going to take time to talk with our Boards and members, and then revisit the project to determine next steps.

We want to thank all those members who shared their input on this project, and we look forward to providing you with additional information this spring.

How We Got Here

The idea to create one division began in the Fall of 2017 with the creation of a Steering Committee comprised of the ALCTS, LITA, and LLAMA Presidents, Presidents-elect, and Executive Directors. This group began meeting regularly and realized how much overlap in strategic mission, continuing education, and topical interest there is between the three divisions. After reviewing a range of models, the Steering Committee concluded that developing plans for a new division needed further exploration.

Each division Board met individually at the 2018 Midwinter Meeting to review the concept and to discuss the pros and cons of such a reorganization. From those meetings, the divisions agreed to continue discussions.

The divisions created an ALA Connect community – ALCTS/LLAMA/LITA Alignment Discussion – to provide a central place for members to learn more about the possible project and to have ongoing discussions with each other and with member leaders. An online survey for the members of all three divisions also provided opportunities for members to share their thoughts. Read the survey findings report.

The Steering Committee jointly appointed a Financial Working Group to review existing division budgets and examine the financial feasibility of creating a new division. The Financial Working Group Report and Projected Budget detail their findings that a new division would be fiscally viable.

At the 2018 ALA Annual Conference, each of the division Boards reviewed talking points about creating one division and voted at their individual meetings to move forward with the new division project. The three Boards met jointly to discuss the future of the new division and several themes emerged that will guide future discussions.

What’s Happening Now

There are three jointly-appointed working groups currently active in moving the project forward, with a fourth group that has already completed its work.

  • The Communications Working Group, chaired by LLAMA President Lynn Hoffman, began work in Spring 2018, and continues to coordinate communication about the project in order to keep the memberships of all three divisions informed and to collect feedback.

    Charge: To develop a plan for communication with members about the potential creation of a new division. This communication plan should identify communication modes and timelines for specific messages. Additionally, it should identify key member/stakeholder groups and mechanisms for members to provide feedback and share potential concerns. The group will also work with each division to ensure that the tone and message of respective member communication is consistent with the vision for the project as a whole throughout its implementation.

    Lynn Hoffman, Chair (LLAMA)

    Erin Boyd (ALCTS)
    Maria Collins (ALCTS)
    Erin Leach (ALCTS)
    Paul Moeller (ALCTS)

    Tabby Farney (LITA)
    Topher Lawton (LITA)
    Joel Tonyan (LITA)

    Megan Kline-Hewett (LLAMA)
    Carrye Syma (LLAMA)
    Debbie Tenofsky (LLAMA)
    Zara Wilkinson (LLAMA)

    Jenny Levine (Staff Liaison/LITA)

    Deliverables Status
    1. Communication Plan   Done, June 2018
    2. Craft and update key messages as needed and provide consistent language for division outreach  Ongoing
    3. Respond to questions and feedback received through ALA Connect and other collection methods delivered in a timely, thoughtful, and responsible manner  Ongoing

  • The Activities Working Group, chaired by ALCTS President Kristin Martin, is charged with exploring and aligning the activities of the three divisions to create a new slate of member offerings.

    Charge: To propose to the Steering Committee and division members activities programming that aligns with the mission, vision, goals, and capacity of the potential new organization. Focus area members will be designated to work through the scope of activities of an association.


    Kristin Martin, Chair (ALCTS)

    Donia Conn (ALCTS)
    Deana Groves (ALCTS)
    Nancy Kraft (ALCTS)

    Lindsay Cronk (LITA)
    Berika Williams (LITA)
    Andromeda Yelton (LITA)

    April Miller (LLAMA)
    Anne Moore (LLAMA)
    Carter Nipper (LLAMA)
    Kim Saalfeld (LLAMA)

    Jenny Levine (Staff Liaison/LITA)

    Deliverables Status
    1. Plan for CE offerings, including webinars, web courses, e-forums, and online discussions (PDF)  Report Submitted December 2018
    2. Plan for ALA conference programming, including preconferences, programs, and interest group meetings (PDF)  Report Submitted December 2018
    3. Recommendations for 2020 National Forum (in-person and/or online) (PDF)  Report Submitted December 2018

    Secondary Areas for Exploration (decisions may be deferred in these areas)
    1. Leadership development including mentoring programs, Spectrum scholarships, ALA Emerging Leaders, and ALA Leadership Institute
    2. Standards development and competencies creation
    3. Advocacy, public policy, and outreach activities such as Preservation Week, Preservation in Action, and AvramCamp
    4. Publishing: including monographs, white papers, journals, newsletters, and blogs
    5. Awards including professional achievement, travel and registration grants, and joint awards with ALA, AIA, and IIDA

  • The Operations Working Group, chaired by LITA President Bohyun Kim, is charged with developing the early organization structure and documents that will be necessary for a new division to exist.

    Charge: To propose to the Steering Committee and division members an operational & governance structure and bylaws that align with the mission, vision, goals, and capacity of the potential new division 

    Bohyun Kim, Chair (LITA)

    Sunshine Carter (ALCTS)
    Katharine Leigh (ALCTS)
    Emily Sanford (ALCTS)

    Aimee Fifarek (LITA)
    Hong Ma (LITA)
    Evviva Weinraub (LITA)

    David Borycz (LLAMA)
    Christine Dulaney (LLAMA)
    George Fowler (LLAMA)

    Kerry Ward (Staff Liaison/LLAMA)

    Deliverables Status
    1. Proposed bylaws for a new division  Report Submitted November 2018
    2. Proposed organizational structure, including governance, sections/communities, committees, interest groups, etc.  Report Submitted November 2018
    3. Proposed membership structure  Report Submitted November 2018

    • Bylaws: David Borycz (LLAMA), Sunshine Carter (ALCTS), Hong Ma (LITA)
    • Membership: Katharine Leigh, Chair (ALCTS), Emily Sanford (ALCTS), George Fowler (LLAMA)
    • Organizational Structure: Aimee Fifarek, Chair (LITA), Christine Dulaney (LLAMA), Evviva Weinraub (LITA)

  • The Budget and Finance Working Group began its work in April 2018 and turned in its final report in October 2018.

    Charge: The Budget and Finance Working Group will perform a preliminary budget analyses of the three separate divisions by June 4, 2018, in order to determine the financial feasibility of a new division. If a new division is determined to be financially feasible, the working group will then develop a financial plan proposal for the division by October 1, 2018. The financial examination should include all revenue and expenditure categories of the divisions. As part of its work, the group should develop a proposed dues structure based on current membership numbers.

    Charles Wilt, Chair (ALCTS)

    Miranda Bennett (ALCTS)

    Margaret Heller (LITA)
    Brian Rennick (LITA)

    Elspeth Olson (LLAMA)
    Jeff Steely (LLAMA)

    Deliverables Status
    1. Preliminary budget analyses  Done, May 2018
    2. Projected FY21 budget (PDF)  Done, October 2018

The Steering Committee is also developing vision and values statements, and is working on ideas for what the new division might be called. We'll post more updates here as we have them.

Provide Feedback & Get Involved

Your input will be invaluable as these discussions continue. You may ask questions or provide feedback about the new division using the ALCTS/LLAMA/LITA Alignment Discussion community on the new ALA Connect (requires an ALA account to log in) or via an anonymous Google Form. Your feedback will be read carefully, and your questions will be answered by the members of the Communications Working Group. We also held an e-Forum on November 27-28, 2018, where members could share their thoughts, suggestions, and concerns (read the archive).

Next Steps & Key Events

See the 2019 Midwinter Update at the top of this page. We will update this section in spring 2019.

The Communications Working Group began hosting interactive sessions in October for members to provide feedback. Each of these bi-weekly sessions will focus on a topic or question that will allow members to participate in shaping and building the new division.

Town Hall meetings will be hosted in January for members to discuss next steps and the future of the division.

Look for announcements and information on ALA Connect in the ALCTS/LLAMA/LITA Alignment Discussion community, as well as on social media.

The Boards of all three divisions will determine by the 2019 ALA Midwinter Meeting if they want to continue with this plan to create a new division. If the answer is yes, they will proceed with putting this item on the Spring 2019 ALA ballot for a vote by ALCTS, LITA, and LLAMA members.

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