Jennifer Sharkey

Illinois State University, Milner Library

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Illinois State University, Milner Library
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For the last 15+ years, professionally, I’ve focused on developing learning materials with a specialization in using technology to enhance learning. While multimedia is my passion, I am also well versed in graphic editing and desktop publishing. I’ve always approached my development with a design mindset to enhance the learning experience both with content and visual design.

After earning two masters degrees, I've worked as an academic librarian honing my technology, design (instructional, web, graphic), and teaching skills. In my various positions, I’ve created online tutorials, digital storytelling videos, short educational films, instructional worksheets, and e-learning web pages.

As a professor at several universities, I've explored pedagogical methods for merging information and technology into curricula (specifically through the development of digital learning objects) and utilizing various types of assessment methods. I am also interested in the application of graphic design, instructional design, and web design principles during the course development process.

A select list of my publications can be found on the ISU ReD: For more information about my research, teaching, and service, visit my e-portfolio: