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U.S. Army
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LIS PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION: Certified professional librarian in the Commonwealth of Virginia; CURRENT EMPLOYMENT STATUS: U.S. Army (Active-Duty Lieutenant Colonel, Civil Affairs Branch); JOB DUTY DESCRIPTION/RESPONSIBILITIES: Force Management; Military Duty Description: I serve in the US Army as a Lieutenant Colonel on active duty. My primary function is to perform force integration and management functions, to include, doctrinal capabilities determination, organizational structure management, strategic-level functional area analysis, and future concepts development, for the US Army Reserve’s Civil Affairs force (including citizen-soldier functional specialties for Cultural Affairs, Cultural Heritage Preservation, and Archives Management), which consists of approximately 8,800 authorized duty positions in the continental U.S., Europe, and Hawaii. CURRENT DUTY STATUS: Currently, I am assigned to the U.S. Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island as a resident student (Senior Class) pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Strategy and National Security; AREAS OF PROFESSIONAL INTEREST AND EXPERTISE: (A) Organizational design and functional staff integration, strategic capabilities determination, military geo-strategic contingency planning for cultural-heritage preservation and cultural property protection, risk & knowledge management, ontology, taxonomy, and digital stewardship. (B) Institute Conference Panels, Seminars, and Workshops: (1) Speaker/presenter and panelist, the U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield and the Lawyers’ Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation conference, “Culture and Conflict: The U.S. and the 1954 Hague Convention,” 23 October 2009. (2) Panel member, Cultural Heritage by Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)-Military Panel (CHAMP). (3) Conference participant, the Lawyer’s Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation, “From Plunder to Preservation: The Untold Story of Cultural Heritage, World War II, and the Pacific,” 8 -9 November 2012, National Trust for Historic Preservation building, Washington, D.C. (4) Selected member participant, Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, Harvard Institutes for Higher Education, Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians (28 July – 2 August 2013). (5) Selected member participant, Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, Harvard Institutes for Higher Education, Library Leadership in the Digital Age (20-22 March 2014). FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: Japanese (12 undergraduate credit hours) and a summer immersion program at the Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo (2003)