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Hello all, This is the first of two sets of documents for the Standards Committee to review. The RBMS Task Force to Revise the ACRL Code of Ethics for Special Collections Librarians has completed its task. Attached are the transmittal form and the updated Code of Ethics.  The ACRL Board meets next ...
It's unanimous. The Framework is approved! Thanks all. ------------------------------ Willie Miller Associate Librarian IUPUI University Library ------------------------------
There must have been something in the air, because I have just received the Framework for Access Services Librarianship from the Access Services IG. This will be the main item for us to review and discuss during our next meeting. I have attached the transmittal form, the framework, and a summary timeline ...
Hello all, Thank you for completing the doodle poll. We will meet on Tuesday, February 10, 2020 at 11am EST using Zoom. The Zoom link is: Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now . I have attached a calendar invite to this message. During this meeting we will discuss a new Framework for Access Librarianship ...
Hi all, Just checking back in on this. Are we ready to vote on the Guidelines up for discussion? Or should we discuss further? Thanks, Willie ------------------------------ Willie Miller Associate Librarian IUPUI University Library ------------------------------
Hi all, Here are the notes that I took during the meeting. I apologize they are not formally structured or comprehensive. Please comment with any changes or additions. Thanks, Willie Meeting Notes Nancy gave an update on ACRL Framework for Academic Librarian Employment and Governance ...
I approved as well. ------------------------------ Willie Miller Associate Librarian IUPUI University Library ------------------------------
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My presentation "Mobile Learning, Mobile Library" is available: . Thanks for a great session! Willie