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The Social Responsibilities Round Table works to make ALA more democratic and to establish progressive priorities not only for the Association, but also for the entire profession. Concern for human and economic rights was an important element in the founding of SRRT and remains an urgent concern today. SRRT believes that libraries and librarians must recognize and help solve social problems and inequities in order to carry out their mandate to work for the common good and bolster democracy.

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  • 1.  SRRT Resolutions at 2023 Annual Conference

    Posted Jun 28, 2023 09:13 AM
    I want to let everyone know about the SRRT resolutions that we passed at the recent Annual Conference in Chicago: a memorial resolution for Daniel Ellsberg, a resolution to provide same time or no pre-registration for in-person voting at ALA Membership Meetings, and a resolution addressing the new Cold War.

    The Ellsberg resolution was passed by the ALA Council as part of the consent agenda along with the other memorial resolutions, but I think SRRT members will find it very strong. The resolution on voting at ALA Membership Meetings was necessary because one had to register a week in advance in order to vote electronically even if the person was physically in attendance in Chicago. It passed the ALA Membership Meeting and then the ALA Council, but it now requires amending the new ALA Bylaws, so it will be on the ballot for a membership referendum next year. The resolution concerning a new Cold War was sent by the SRRT Action Council to the Council’s International Relations Committee for their consideration and response. The resolutions are attached.


  • 2.  RE: SRRT Resolutions at 2023 Annual Conference

    Posted Jun 28, 2023 09:16 AM
    This is excellent news. 

    Thank you to everyone who contributed and voted!


  • 3.  RE: SRRT Resolutions at 2023 Annual Conference

    Posted Jun 28, 2023 09:22 AM
    Great news,

  • 4.  RE: SRRT Resolutions at 2023 Annual Conference

    Posted Jun 29, 2023 11:19 AM
    Edited by Tara Brady Jun 29, 2023 11:26 AM
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    Just to clarify, the bylaws amendment resolution is a revised version of the resolution I sent to this list last week, drafted by Vermont chapter councilor Jessamyn West and I.  It's been referred to committee and will come back at LLX, and will hopefully result in a bylaws amendment on the spring ballot. The incorporation of the membership meeting resolutions (this one and the one from last LLX) into the policy manual are on hold pending the result of this amendment. I've attached the version that was introduced at Council III. The language was proposed by parliamentarian Adrian Stanton and should cover the membership meeting, council and eb meetings. I am still unclear on whether this will also affect committees but expect that will be clarified between now and LLX.

    Tara Brady
    Assistant Library Manager
    Queens Public Library