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ACRL ANSS Instruction and Information Literacy Committee (Anthropology and Sociology Section)

To follow guidelines set forth by ACRL in reviewing and developing disciplinary concepts, standards, and framework for practices of information literacy in anthropology, sociology, criminal justice/criminology and related fields; to recommend how ANSS IL practices can be applied or adapted; to...

Senior/Capstone Project: The Role of the School Librarian

This Senior/Capstone Project Community was created as an extension of an AASL webinar entitled, “Senior/Capstone Project: The Role of the School Librarian.” The archived webinar and additional resources on the AASL website have been posted to the community. The presenters, attendees, and other...

OITP Digital Literacy Task Force

Dramatic shifts in how information and communications are enabled and disseminated via the Internet demand an expanded vision of literacy to ensure all people in the United States, regardless of age, native language, or intellectual capacity, are able to fully participate in the digital age. ...

Library Entry
2010 Annual Conferece EBSS Instruction for Educators Committee Meeting Minutes

2010 Annual Conferece EBSS Instruction for Educators Committee Meeting Minutes, June 26, 2010 ebssinstructionforeduminutes0610 docx 85558.docx #Instruction #InformationLiteracy


Instructional Design

To create a forum where instructional design librarians and others interested in instructional design can meet and share ideas, discuss and recommend resources and tools, discuss issues related to instructional design in libraries and collaborate on projects.

Information Literacy Instruction in Academic Libraries

To promote continuing education among instruction librarians so that we can get closer to our universal vision of information literate students, faculty, staff, and society.

Technology Programming in Libraries: Innovation and Design

This group is created in the belief that providing opportunities for library users to gain technological, digital, information and media literacies through technology programming is as important as providing storytimes and homework help services. In fact, it could be said that technology...