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Written by Rosemary Margaret (Myers) Mrazik (Cobb)

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Objective and Overview
: I am seeking an opportunity with a company that will combine my experience in business, my bachelor's degree, and my interest in the sciences.  At Hunter Engineering Company, I was working in the Marketing Information Department for seven years. I managed a database, prepared contracts, managed a yearly short term direct mail project, typed and distributed inter office memos, and supported the Regional and Divisional Sales Managers with special projects. I utilized Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and a mapping software.  After Hunter Engineering, I worked at Mission Equipment and Lifts, Inc and then Macy's. I graduated from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Minor in Art History in 1988. Later, while working at Hunter Engineering Company, I began evening classes for pre-medicine, from 1996-2003 at UM-St. Louis. My focus and long term goal remains to obtain a PhD in the sciences, such as anthropology and archaeology. I am of the Irish and Hungarian family background, and have an interest in Scottland and Wales; archaeology, anthropology, physics, Earth sciences, ecology, biology, Latin, art and art history.  It is more than acceptable to have a background that includes several countries where your aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, step-parents, and grandparents were born or lived; with friends and family, (to include those from your past schools and workplaces), to celebrate with them year after year, the holidays with the different foods, languages, and literature; breads, fruits, cheeses, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, teas, coffee, wine, liquors, and dark beers; the literature from Shakespeare; holidays, botany, history, art and architecture - such as the architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright and the art works by Picasso, gardening for food and flowers, woodworking, camping, music, math, astronomy, fabrics and textiles; games, exercise, and sports; goods and technology (that are at cost); real expenses and incomes; real businesses; museums, arboretums, science centers; cafes, coffee and tea houses, pubs, books, libraries, and colleges; coastal diets and recipies; and lifelong study and formal education; travel for educational purposes, to any library, for any work purposes and workplaces, to any lectures, to any colleges, to any community center.  It is more than acceptable to have and own any transportation, any land, any dwelling, and any small business.  It is more than acceptable to have good and excellent health.  If you are trying to get anything done, usually with your cousins and family, neighbors, friends from your work, or with those from your school or college; and at any time of the year, for the holidays or a tailgating party, using a project management approach will keep you within or under budget, and on time.

Skills and Accomplishments: I am a past member of Toastmaster’s International, a public speaking organization.  My office skills include data entry, marketing, managing a yearly short-term direct mail project, revising contracts, managing a database, typing and distributing inter-office memos, and supporting the Regional and Divisional Sales Managers with special projects.  I used Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and a mapping software on a daily basis. My typing is currently 35 WPM and know 10 key by touch. My education includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a GPA of 2.453 and Post Baccalaureate Pre Medical classes with a GPA of 3.123.

Hobbies and Interests: I enjoy my cats; JRR Tolkien’s works, “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings,” along with the six movies produced by Peter Jackson based upon JRR Tolkien’s works.  For the local news, I like to watch the news channels that have been in existence for the longest, and are broadcasted at cost; that would be CBS, ABC, and NBC news stations, on an old fashioned television set.   I love to watch, on YouTube, the entire series for the BBC’s “The Time Team;” with Tony Robinson, Mick Aston, and Phil Harding, to name a few of the archaeologists who uncover the ancient Roman and Anglo Saxon settlements in Britain, all within three days of filmed archaeological digs, on the BBC documentary series.  My other favorite BBC archaeology documentary, is the Edwardian Farm, Victorian Farm, Tudor Monastery Farm, Full Steam Ahead, Secrets of the Castle with Ruth Goodman, Alex Langlands, and Peter Ginn.  For the news and fun: I prefer to watch PBS, for the “PBS NewsHour,” “Nova,””This Old House,” and Brian Greene’s “Light Falls;” National Public Radio’s “Science Friday;” and “Better Homes and Gardens” with the Meredith Corporation; and the local libraries, college libraries, and the National Library of Scottland.  For my own self, I enjoyed my time at the Cerritos Senior Center at Pat Nixon Park, in Cerritos, California; and the painting class at the Artesia Library in the Los Angeles County Libraries. I try to walk at least two to four miles each day, for light exercise. I am originally from Creve Coeur, St. Louis, Missouri.  I am an atheist.  I have mild seizures and take Dilantin; I do NOT have fibromyalgia; I was NOT born with Downs Syndrom; I do NOT have MS (multiple sclerosis); I do NOT have diabetes.  I lost my jobs in the past due to prescribed Keppra, ritalin, Phenobarbital.  There is a chance that Keppra, ritalin contribute to the development of fibromyalgia, Downs Syndrom, MS (multiple sclerosis), and Alzheimer's disorder; the inflammation of the knee joints and nasal passages, facial rash, overproduction of saliva from the salivary glands, changes to your eyesight, loose teeth, slowing of the metabolism, possibly heart attacks, and elevated decibel levels.  (The entire practice of psychology and psychiatry uses rumor to justify the use of prescription of opioids.  This is systematic shunning.  This can happen to your own parents and cousins.  As soon as an antidepressant is prescribed, the person who is on the receiving end of this, is questioned about everything that this person was taught and learned while in high school; think about this critically, for a minute. The use of reverse psychology, domesticated role play, the use of abbreviated learning methods, and tough love, are abhorrent methods when talking to anyone, and is used to justify the use of prescription of opioids.  This is scientific racism, quackery.)  (The only time that I received prescribed Dilantin or a penicillin shot, is when I lived in a middle-class income home.)

What you say on a daily basis, is a reflection of the quality of your thinking; its depth and breadth of your own learning.  Within almost all circumstances or most daily circumstances in a well structured and peaceful economy, there is no real purpose for talking in ignorance.

Everything that you are trying to do is coordinated through or with the multiple school systems.  This includes libraries, colleges, civic centers, and high schools; coffee and tea houses or bistros factor into this, somehow.   Just go there, to the brick and mortar location, and ask someone. Take yourself out of the educational systems, you do not get enough continuous people contact to be socialized.  If you would like to know more, and are not certain, just call the high school administrators, and ask for a lunch schedule.  Use books, maps, the old fashioned television sets, telephones, and radios; use the computers, laptops, mobile phones, and watches.  Being enrolled in the school systems is mandatory, (in addition to being state law, local law, and federal law); for grade school, high school, and college; working at a library and college is a good way to get yourself into the mindset of learning, once again; include yourself, your friends, cousins, extended family, and immediate family.  For those of my cousins who have a recalcitrant minor or dependent or roommate, and the minor argues against education or studying or learning in any form; or argues for the use of osmosis, or artificial intelligence, or CRISPR from the University of Oxford in Britain or the University of Cambridge in Britain - (or from Harvard University or Massachusetts Institute of Technology),  (look this up on Wikipedia), to get out of learning; or anyone suggests for your minor to try using osmosis, or to be pulled out of school; then sign them up with the American Library Association "Connect," and ask a librarian for help.  Get a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, and a PhD; I managed to get a high school degree and a bachelor's degree.  (Reference the code of conduct with the American Library Association.)

To my family, friends of my parents, step-parents, step-brothers and step-sisters, (and anyone who has decided to adopt me), extended family, cousins, my past roommates and friends; those that are from my high school, and to those who I worked with, at the many companies I was employed with; to those who have a PhD degree or some other degree; such as a degree in the sciences for physics, chemistry, math, biology, ecology, or Latin; (This is including Tech Force and the Auto Skills Center from Oceanside, CA who worked with Jerry Guardullo, Pat Dolbeck, and Sgt. Polemini - include your parents; and the local police department.  For those from MIRAMAR or Camp Pendelton in Oceanside, California, since I worked with you for only eleven months in 2005, which was almost fourteen years ago, and  if you have any pictures from Oceanside or your high school transcripts with you, that would be more than helpful; especially if you are out of uniform.  If you happened to lose your luggage, you may be able to find some of your old pictures stored on, which is a yahoo email address logon, or on Gmail's Photo.  Your transcripts might be stored on; (Dan Davis); you are welcome wherever I happen to be living and wherever I happen to be working.  If you have a family tartan or kilt, you are welcome to wear this.  If you need a desk to sit at or to borrow my computer, just say something; remember to re-introduce yourself to Kathy, my mother.  Think about this critically, for a minute or two.

If you are not using a dictionary on a daily basis, you are not trying to improve upon your own education.  If you are not referencing books from a library, you are not getting closer to the idea of a life long education.  If you are not going to some public place, five days each week, you are undersocialized.  Some of the public places can include libraries, shopping malls or shopping centers, grocery stores, cafes, lectures, exercise, to include your workplaces, schools, or colleges.

Stop wallowing in self misery, get up, and accomplish anything.  For those who ran high school track, or took part in any sport, and anyone else; each day, go for your personal best.  There is a physical cause and effect for everything; as found in the ecology of the world; as found in the gravitational waves around the Sun; as found in the seasonal migration of birds; as found in the maturation of flowers and their seedlings; as found in the penny coffee or tea shared at a table with anyone; as is found in the yeast used in baking pretzels; as in the words found when writing or reading poetry; as is found in the translations of Latin.

Why are your children NOT enrolled in the public school system, and you should be able to get some answers to the medications that you are given.  And this discrepancy exists because of some reason.  Even if you are homeless, you have the right and are allowed to be enrolled in the public school systems, to include summer school, libraries, and sports.  No permission slips are required.  Kevin, a good portion of your difficulties in life are addressed when you graduate from high school and college; to include your children and cousins.  The "at cost" solution to education is good, but it may not be enough.  Open your own account with the American Library Association.

You need to listen to those who have a PhD.
Even after a death in the family or a divorce in the family, the surviving parents and step-parents still have a legal responsibility to the children.
Even after a death in the family or a divorce in the family, the surviving sisters, brothers, step-sisters, and step-brothers, still have a legal responsibility for each other.
Even after a death in the family or a divorce in the family, the cousins still have a legal responsibility for each other.
This legal responsibility, even in the event of a death in the family or divorce in the family, exists when the children are in high school, and while in college.
This legal responsibility, even in the event of a death in the family or a divorce in the family, exists for the parents of the parents.
The high schools and colleges have a legal responsibility to those who attended at any point in time.  The high schools and colleges have a legal responsibility to those who attended and worked at the high schools and colleges.
There also exists a responsibility between the employer and employee; that also takes into consideration the family members and relationships described above, to include the schools and colleges attended or worked at; and this responsibility is for present and past employees and employers.
There is such an idea or concept for a legal responsibility to your friends, past or present.

For my entire working life, from 1983 throughout 2019; I have never seen middle-class income for an entire calendar year.
The only time I received a job offer that lasted longer than a year, is when I was living in a middle-class income home, and ate lunch with those from my high school.
When going from your high school to college, or from your high school to college and work, it is your own high school and the high school district who helped you to get to those places.

Now get a grip on reality for a minute: I am relying on all of you to not take part in shunning; to not continue shunning, if you were somehow swallowed into that abyss.

And so, as I think about a ten year plan for myself, with my mother, parents, my brothers and sister, my cousins, extended family, and friends;   people that I knew while at work, at school, or at college; what would this be like.   What would a ten-year plan be like, and then a twenty-year plan followed by ten-year increments?

Funding for my educationaI worked my way through college and without funding or support from my family also secured Federally funded student loans.  I accomplished this on my own initiative.

College:1983-1988 and 1996-2003


University of Missouri-St.Louis

8001 Natural Bridge Road

St.Louis,MO 63117

1996-2003:PostBaccalaureate Premedical Classes.


*GPA is 3.123 on a 4.0 grade point scale (this includes only the grades from 1996-2003 and not from the Bachelor's degree in 1988).

*Total Credits Earned:Based on a semester:44 credit hours.

*Advisor:Harvey P. Friedman,Ph.D-Pre-Health Professions Advisor/College of Arts and Sciences.

*Classes include:Physics 011&012-Mary Leopold,Ph.D.;Biology 011&012-L. Friedman,Ph.D. and James Trager,Ph.D.;General Chemistry 011&012-Dr. Gutwieler,Dr.Dence,and Dr.Sterns;Organic Chemistry 261-Dr.Mannino;General Psychology 003-Dr.Marti Bonne;Calculus 100-R.J.Kashuba;Trigonometry-Mr. Mike Hsu.

*Labs were taken with:Physics-Gabor Balzsi,Wentao Qin,and Dr.Lucy He; Biology-Kristine Motherhead,Dr.Mariette Baxendale,and Diego Perez-Salic; General Chemistry-Gary Nichols and Donna Kramer;Calculus-Al Stanger.

*Labs were taken with:Physics-Gabor Balzsi,Wentao Qin,and Dr.Lucy He; Biology-Kristine Motherhead,Dr.Mariette Baxendale, and Diego Perez-Salic;General Chemistry-Gary Nichols and Donna Kramer; Calculus-Al Stanger.

*I completed these classes while working full time at Hunter Engineering Company.

*Biology: Constance Cafazza, Marcy Hammerle, Bruce Kelly, Mari Burk, Toby Lauer, Nicole Davis, Laura Schulte.
Physics: Scott Larson, Lea Claycomb, Kim Jackman, Pat Rauscher, Sima Patel, Rachel Hammersmith, Troy Schumacher, Joyce Balls, Ling Tjoeng.




University of Missouri-St.Louis

University of Missouri-Kansas City(1985-transfer student);

August 7 1988:Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Marketing:Minor in Art History

*GPA is 2.453 on a 4.0 grade point scale.

*Total Credits Earned:Based on a Semester:139 credit hours.

*Member of the American Marketing Association.

*Business Administration:Mr.David P.Gustafson-Business Policy,Ms.Ottilla Voegtli-Marketing Management,Buyer Behavior,Business Administration Problems; Mr. David Bird-Business Data Processing;Ms.Donna Rosenberg-Fundamentals of Production;Mr.T. Fuhrman-Financial Management;Ms.Sally MacAdoo-Business Writing;Mr.Probir Ror,Ph.D.-QA Business Analysis;Legal Environment to Business;Basic Marketing;Management as a Behavioral Science;Management of Promotion;Marketing Intelligence.

*Sciences:Cosmic Evolution/Introduction to Astronomy,General Biology, Introduction to Sociology.

*Math:Algebra,Finite Mathematics,Elementary Statistics,Intermediate Statistics.

*Accounting:Principles of Accounting,Managerial Accounting.

*Economics:Principles of Microeconomics,Introduction to Economics,Ms. Willadee Gillin and Ms.YueQui Huang-GTA-Macroeconomic Analysis;Mr. David Hakes-Money and Banking.

*Literature:Mr.J.Spatz-Introduction to British Literature,Literary Types, Freshman Composition,Literature and Fine Arts.

*Art History:Mr.T.Pickerel-Introduction to Art;Mr.Ken Anderson-Primitive/Tribal Arts;Foundation Drawing;Dr.Heldman-Greek Art and Archeology;Art Masterpieces;Modern Art.

*Anthropology:Dr.Van Reidhead-World Prehistory,Human Origins.

*History/Political Science:American Civilization-Helen Ruhrwein,Crime and Punishment,Public Administration.

*Completed the classes while working at Chenoweth-Chapman Cleaners,Piece of the Pie, Inc.,and The Frame Factory.

*Because Kathy Myers,my mother,and Tom Cobb,my step-father,insisted on a college degree I attended the University of Missouri-St.Louis.In 1984,a memorial service was held for Thomas Howard Cobb.

People that I knew at this time period:University of Missouri-Kansas City-Medical Program: Doug Aach, Joel Aach, Lynette Isles, Beth Blitstein, Gnesh, Diane Voss, Karen (Mrazik) Myers Cobb. John Burroughs II, Dan Francescon, Dave Laschober.

* Thomas John Mrazik-Parks College, St. Louis University.  I believe that he received his Bachelor's Degree.

* Robert Bruce Mrazik-University of Missouri-St. Louis: Business-3 years.

* Karen Ann (Mrazik) Myers Cobb-She received her medical degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. It was years later that she added "Cobb" to her last name.




Parkway Central Junior and Senior High School

369 North Woods Mill Road

Chesterfield,MO 63017

Lawrence Giles-Principal

*GPA is 3.480 on a 4.0 grade point scale

*Earth Sciences-Kestle-Vemmer,Physical Sciences-Wood,Biology,

Psychology-Mr.Rayburn,Chemistry-Mrs.Wanner,Advanced Biology-Mr.Schumate.

*Honors English-Mrs.Ziwot,Latin-Mrs.Doering and Mr.St.Clair,English-Mrs. Helfrich and Mr.Helfrich,Composition-Boyle,English Literature-Mr.Beck.

*Pre Algebra-Mrs.Sanford,Algebra-Mr.Disterhauf,Unified Geometry and Math Analysis-Mr.Fusch,Algebra II-Trig-Mrs.Lynam.

*Modern American History-Mr.Gallo;Middle East Studies-Mrs.Kraus;Shaping Western Society-Sullivan;US Government-Mr.Gannon.

*Art-Mrs.Preusse,Drawing and Painting-Mrs.Davis.

*Extra curricular activities:Track-Mr.William A.Sodeman,Model UN Club (International Club),National Junior Honor Society 1979-1980.

*Because Tom Cobb,my step-father,moved his life insurance company offices from Clayton,MO to Creve Coeur,MO,I attended Parkway Central Junior and High School.Tom Cobb attended some of my high school track meets.Kathy Myers and Tom Cobb were at my high school graduation;Richard Mrazik did not attend.

* Kathleen Ann Myers worked at Consolidated Grain and Barge located in St. Louis, MO.  She attended Webster University for her undergraduate degree.  My step-father, Thomas Howard Cobb was an Insurance Agent with Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company.

* Family associates: Charlotte Mussellman, Dr. Lauretta Roberts, Marcie Spieler, Bob and Janet Frane, Mr. and Mrs. Tate, Hadley, Mrs. Bausch, Mrs. Simms, Mr. and Mrs. Kohner.  


People that I knew at this time:

*Kelly Ring, Mary O’Neal, Mary Kim, Tamara Kay Marks, Shanta Mac, Shao Lei, Kim Nance, Denise Kohner, Lisa Bender, Melissa Koven, Anne Rosenthal, Carla Siegfried, Vickie Hendrix, Dan LaBeau, Mat Dierberg, Marshal Silverman, Ken Safran, Doug Rudman, Keith Berg, Mark Kraus, Lee Witt, Scott Bakunus, Greg Berg, Mike Mushlin, Vincent Buckley, Craig Lackey, Neal Honickman, Beth Cordry, Chuck Rohrer, Rod Viehland, GeGe Hantz, Joel Aach, Doug Aach, Brian Flachsbart, Ken Fagin, Cindy Sobo, Rob English, Tom Kuefler, Jay Lazaroff, Alysa Slay, Ann Gain, Holly Schainker, Kathy Bomze, Jill Thompson, Amy Goldman, Karen May, David Gross, Vickie Grubb, Mary Youngblood, Eli Weiss.


Track-4 years total:3 years in highschool and 1 year in junior highschool.

I have the track roster and the track team photos.

1980 Coach:Nina Roberts

1981-1983 Coach:William A.Sodeman

National Jr.Honor Society.

Listed in Who's Who Among American High School Students:1981-82;1982-83.

May 28, 1980:Math Honor Roll Certificate

Signed by James B.Harry-Principal and Virginia Hurt-Math Chairperson.

Class Schedule by Grade and Year

Grade 8,1978-1979

Unified Studies;Grades B,B;Teachers USB Team

Pre Algebra;Grades C,B;Teacher Sanford

Earth Science;Grades B,B;Teacher Kestle-Vemmer

Latin A;Grades A,A;Teacher St.Clair

Home Economics;Grades B;Teacher Bornemann

PE Girls;Grade A,A;Teachers PE Staff

Study Hour


Grade 9,1979-1980

English I;Grade B,B;Teacher Mrs.Helfrich

Modern American History;Grade A,A;Teacher Mr.Gallo

Algebra IB;Grade A,A;Teacher Mr.Disterhauf

* Physical Science I;Grade B,B;Teacher Mrs.Wood

Latin IB;Grades A,A;Teacher Mr.St.Clair

Art I; Grades A,A;Teacher Mrs.Preusse

Typing I;Grades B,B;Teacher Phillips

Physical Ed;Grades A,A;Teacher Jones


Grade 10, 1980-1981

English II;Grades A,A;Teacher Mr.Helfrich

Middle East Studies;Grades A;Teacher Mrs.Kraus

Shaping Western Society;Grades B,Teacher Sullivan

Unified Geometry;Grades B,B;Teacher Mr.Fuchs

Biology;Grades A,A;

Latin III;Grades A,A;Teacher Mrs.Doering

Drivers Ed;Grades B;Teacher Schnell

Physical Ed;Grades B;Teacher Major


Grade 11, 1981-1982

*Honors English III;Grades B,B;Teacher Mrs.Ziwot

US Government;Grades B;Teacher Mr.Gannon

Psychology;Grades A;Teacher Mr.Rayburn

Algebra II-Trig;Grades B,C;Teacher Mrs.Lynam

Chemistry;Grades C,C;Teacher Mrs.Wanner

Latin IV;Grades A,A;Teacher Mrs.Doering

Drawing I;Grades A;Teacher Mrs.Davis

Physical Ed;Grades A;Teacher Ms.Roberts


Grade 12,1982-1983

Composition;Grades B;Teacher Boyle, D

English Lit.I;Grades A;Teacher Mr.Beck

English Lit II;Grades B;Teacher Mr.Beck

Math Analysis;Grades B,C;Teacher Mr.Fuchs

*Adv Biology;Grades B,B;Teacher Mr.Shumate

*Latin V; Grades A,Honors;Teacher Mrs.Doering

Drawing II;Grade A,Teacher Mrs. Davis

Painting I;Grade A;Teacher Mrs.Davis

Senior Survival;Grade A;Teacher Mrs.Buckley



St.Thomas the Apostle Grade School

3350 St.Catherine Street

Florissant,MO 63033


Sr.Joan Galli,CSJ-Principal-1977

Sr.Margaret Brennan,CSJ-Principal-1976

1977-1978:Grade 7:Mrs.Dell'Orco

1976-1978:Grade 6:Mrs.C.Hanses

*Because Kathy Myers, my mother, married Tom Cobb, my step-father, and moved into his house in Florissant, MO I attended St. Thomas the Apostle Grade School.

People that I knew at this time:

* Ruth MacGinnis, Todd Zimmerman, Dan Blomgren, Virginia Rottler, Jane Dunn.

* Karen Ann (Mrazik) Myers-My sister attended John Burroughs School. This was when Karen changed her last name from Mrazik to Myers.  She also was known with the first name "Kerry."GeGe Hantz and Mark Yap.

* Robert Bruce Mrazik-My brother attended County Day School, Kenny Sunnenschien.

* Thomas John Mrazik-My brother attended St. Thomas The Apostle School, Country Day School, and Jr. ROTC.  

* Kathleen Ann Myers-my mother worked at General Dynamics and my step-father, Thomas Howard Cobb worked as an Insurance Agent at Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company.

* David and Dolly Cobb; Suzy (Cobb) and Dan Passerella.  David and Suzy were my step-brother and step-sister.  I was the flower girl in Suzy and Dan's wedding at Laumier Sculpture Park.  Dan Passerella works at Sysco Food Company.



Maryland Grade School

The School District of Clayton

Clayton,MO 63105

Dr.E.H. Mueller-Principal

1975-1976:Grade 5:Carolyn Hackman

1974-1975:Grade 4:Mrs.K.Norris

*Because Kathy Myers, my mother, met Tom Cobb and he found a house for her to rent close to General Dynamics and his life insurance company office, I attended Maryland Grade School.

*Karen Ann Myers and Robert Bruce Mrazik attended Maryland Grade School and then Wydown Junior High School in Clayton, Missouri.

People that I knew at this time:

* Melanie Gurley, Karen-next door neighbor, Susan Uchatel.

* Kathleen Ann Myers, my mother, worked at General Dynamics located in Clayton, MO and married Thomas Howard Cobb, an Insurance Agent with Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company.



McGrath Grade School

Brentwood Public Schools

1775 Parkridge Avenue

Brentwood,MO 63144

Mr.E. Renfroe-Principal

1973-1974:Grade 3:Michelle Costello

1972-1973:Grade 2:Ms.Karen Kuester

1971-1972:Grade 1:Gladys Barlow

*Because Kathy Myers, my mother, was a single parent of four children and working at General Dynamics, she rented an apartment in Brentwood, MO.

* Rosemary M. Mrazik-First Communion-St. Francis Xavier Church: attended by my mother (Kathleen Ann Myers) and my future step-father (Thomas Howard Cobb).  Linda Grey, Linda Agnew, Dr. Lauretta Roberts, and Charlotte Musselman.  Other family associates: Susan Van Doren.

Immacolata (Assumption) Grade School

8910 Clayton Road

Richmond Heights,Missouri 63117

(314) 991-5700


Professional References

Dr.Van Reidhead

Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

East Stroudsburg University

200 Prospect Street

East Stroudsburg,PA 18301


(Dr.Reidhead was my Anthropology Professor from the University of Missouri in St. Louis)


Family History


* 3/7/1943: Kathleen Ann Myers, mother, was born in Braddock, PA and attended St. Thomas District High School in Braddock; Irish and English-American. She worked at a bakery in Braddock, PA, approximately 1972 to 1976 General Dynamics in Clayton, MO; worked on the Bill Simon political campaign; Sheahan Financial in Clayton, MO, 1976 to 1983; Consolidated Grain and Barge in St. Louis City, 1986 to 1989; Cass Bank and Trust in St. Louis City. Kathy Myers, my mother, met Tom Cobb while working at General Dynamics and he was working in the same building as a life insurance agent in Clayton, MO.  Kathy married Thomas Howard Cobb approximately 1976 and we moved to his house in Florissant, MO. Because of Tom Cobb, Kathy Myers received her Bachelors and Masters in Finance from Webster University. She attended Washington University in St. Louis for Law School. Kathy’s sisters in Braddock, PA are Rosemary and Margaret. Rosemary Myers married Don Geary; children are Colleen and Brian. Colleen Geary married John Stulfire Lieutenant United States Navy. Brian Geary - Lieutenant Junior Grade United States Navy, married Kimberly Mraz. Margaret Myers married Vince Colaianne; children are Michael (married Florance Biscarus-French) and Kathy.  Kathy’s cousin in Braddock, PA is Sara Szydlik; Sara married Don Szydlik; children are Todd. Cpl Philip Leddon - World War II Veteran, United States Army, 89th Infantry Division BMSG; Dylan Leddon - United States Marine Corps. John DuPrey - retired from the United States Air Force, married to Margaret Hall (Kathy’s cousin); the children are Molly and Mark. Kathy - Catholic. The children of Kathleen Ann Myers and Richard Ralph Mrazik: Karen Ann Myers, Robert Bruce Mrazik, Rosemary Margaret Mrazik, and Thomas John Mrazik. Kathleen Ann Myers’ past husbands: Richard Ralph Mrazik, Mr. Fowler, Thomas Howard Cobb, and Terry Karras.  Kathy was good friends with Sven Kyper.


*Thomas Howard Cobb, Step-father, was from Kansas City, MO. His father attended medical school in Kansas City, MO.  He worked as an Life Insurance Agent at Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company in Clayton, MO where he met my mother at General Dynamics.  He married my mother, Kathy, in 1976 and he moved us into his house in Florissant, MO. Tom Cobb moved his life insurance offices from Clayton, MO to Creve Coeur, MO.  I think that he was in the Merchant Marines. Memorial service for him was in 1984. Protestant. The children of Thomas Howard Cobb and Elaine Long: David Cobb and Suzi Cobb; Thomas Howard Cobb’s sister’s son is David Dudlebaughn.  Thomas Howard Cobb’s past wives: Elaine Long, Pat Turmo, and Kathleen Ann Myers.


*Richard Ralph Mrazik, biological-father, was born in Braddock, PA; Hungarian or Czechoslovakian-American.  He worked for McDonnell Douglas approximately from 1961 to his retirement as a maintainability engineer in St. Louis; he was in Vietnam War working for McDonnell Douglas.   He has a high school diploma from Braddock, PA. I do not know the names of Richard Mrazik’s parents; his brother’s name is Kenny; both Richard and Kenny Mrazik are first generation; his parents immigrated from Hungary.  Richard married and divorced my mother, Kathy, 1961-1968. Children with Kathy: Karen, Bob, Rosemary, and Tom. Rich Mrazik married Nancy Boehler and had Bill and Jim Mrazik. Richard Mrazik had his marriage with Kathy Myers annulled approximately 1990.  Nancy is from Alton, IL and attended high school. Nancy Boehler’s children prior to Richard: Janice, Linda, and Sandy. Richard is Catholic.


* 7/23/1962: Karen Ann Mrazik, sister, was born in Columbus, OH.  My sister changed her last name from Mrazik to Myers.  She later added the last name of Cobb.  Because of Tom Cobb (my step-father), Karen attended Wydown Junior High School in Clayton, MO, John Burroughs School, the University of Missouri-Kansas City for her medical degree, and completed her internship at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. Karen never took or passed the board certification test to become a physician; she has decided not to take the board certification tests to be a physician. While in high school, she worked at her high school (John Burroughs School) during the summers and as a waitress at Wagon Wheel Resort in Door County, WI with Bob and several of her high school classmates.  After college, she worked at the Jewish Community Center of Chicago and San Francisco - Fitness Trainer, volunteered at the Los Angeles Veterans Administration, and currently works at UCLA - Fitness Trainer. Karen Married John Nadalin; John Nadalin was deployed in the Vietnam War. John Nadalin’s children from a prior marriage: Donald and Michelle.


* 9/4/1963: Robert Bruce Mrazik, brother,  was born in Columbus, OH. Bob attended Wydown Junior High School in Clayton, MO, Country Day School, two years at University of Missouri-St. Louis.  While in high school, he worked during the summers at Wagon Wheel Resort in Door County, WI with Karen, mowed the neighbors’ lawns and shovelled snow from the neighbors’ drive ways.  During college, he worked at Walgreens. He is an electrician. Bob Mrazik married Constance Schissler. Bob and Connie’s children: Nick, Sam, Alex, Katie, Andrew, Miles, Grace, Ryan, and Zach.


* 6/4/1965: Rosemary Margaret Mrazik was born in St. Charles, MO.


* 9/8/1966: Thomas John Mrazik, brother, was born in Sumpter, SC. Tom attended Country Day School, Parkway Central High School, then JrROTC school.  He graduated from Parks College in Illinois (St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO) with a pilot’s license and a Bachelor’s degree. While in high school, he mowed the neighbors’ lawns and shovelled snow from the neighbors’ drive ways.  He worked as a school bus driver while in college, at United Parcel Service (UPS), joined the US Marines in the US Marine Corp Reserves, and is a Border Patrol Agent and pilot with the US Customs and Border Protection. Tom married Annette Connell.  Tom and Annette’s children: Tom, Jr. and Sara. Annette Connell’s children from a prior marriage: Jessica and Jared.


*David Cobb and Dolly Griffin, Thomas Howard Cobb’s and Elaine Long’s son and daughter-in-law.


*Suzy Cobb and Danny Passerella, Thomas Howard Cobb’s and Elaine Long’s daughter and son-in-law.


*David Dudlebaughn: the son of Thomas Howard Cobb’s sister.


*Larry K. Iwaki, Jr.: PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, with his PhD advisor Dr. Dana Delott; JJ Cavelleri.  The son of Sayoko Iwaki and Lawrence Iwaki, Sr. US Navy, electrician. He worked at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Maryland, Cutting Edge Electronics in O’Fallon, MO in 2002, and Northrop Grumman Space Technology in Redondo Beach, CA as a Senior MTS with Randy St. Pierre, PhD in 2003 on Randy’s Laser Program.  I met Larry in 2002 in St. Louis, MO and moved with him to Redondo Beach, CA in 2003 to 2005.

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University of Missouri in Saint Louis: 8001 Natural Bridge Road St. Louis, MO 63117 (63121)
Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
Post Baccalaureate Pre Medical Classes: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus; Grade Point Average is 3.123.
1996 To 2003
Dissertation: Physics 011&012-Mary Leopold, Ph.D.; Biology 011&012-L. Friedman, Ph.D. and James Trager, Ph.D.; General Chemistry 011&012-Dr. Gutwieler, Dr. Dence, and Dr. Sterns; Organic Chemistry 261-Dr. Mannino; General Psychology 003- Dr. Marti Bonne; Calculus 100-R.J. Kashuba; Trigonometry-Mr. Mike Hsu. * Labs were taken with:Physics-Gabor Balzsi, Wentao Qin, and Dr. Lucy He; Biology-Kristine Motherhead, Dr. Mariette Baxendale, and Diego Perez-Salic; General Chemistry-Gary Nichols and Donna Kramer; Calculus-Al Stanger. * Labs were taken with:Physics-Gabor Balzsi, Wentao Qin, and Dr. Lucy He; Biology-Kristine Motherhead, Dr. Mariette Baxendale, and Diego Perez-Salic; General Chemistry-Gary Nichols and Donna Kramer; Calculus-Al Stanger.
Advisor: Harvey P. Friedman, Ph.D.-Pre-Health Professions Advisor/College of Arts and Sciences

University of Missouri in Kansas City (August 15, 1985 throughout July 15, 1986-transfer student) 5100 Rockhill Rd, Kansas City, MO 64110
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
1985 To 1986

University of Missouri in Saint Louis: 8001 Natural Bridge Road, St. Louis, MO 63117 (63121)
Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Marketing, 1988
Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and a Minor in Art History: Grade Point Average is 2.453.
1983 To 1988
Dissertation: * Business Administration: Mr. David P. Gustafson-Business Policy, Ms. Ottilla Voegtli-Marketing Management, Buyer Behavior, Business Administration Problems; Mr. David Bird-Business Data Processing; Ms. Donna Rosenberg-Fundamentals of Production; Mr. T. Fuhrman-Financial Management; Ms. Sally MacAdoo-Business Writing; Mr. Probir Ror, Ph.D.-QA Business Analysis; Legal Environment to Business; Basic Marketing; Management as a Behavioral Science; Management of Promotion; Marketing Intelligence. * Sciences: Cosmic Evolution/Introduction to Astronomy, General Biology, Introduction to Sociology. * Math: Algebra, Finite Mathematics, Elementary Statistics, Intermediate Statistics. * Accounting: Principles of Accounting, Managerial Accounting. * Economics: Principles of Microeconomics, Introduction to Economics, Ms. Willadee Gillin and Ms. YueQui Huang-GTA-Macroeconomic Analysis; Mr. David Hakes-Money and Banking. * Literature: Mr. J. Spatz-Introduction to British Literature, Literary Types, F
Advisor: T. Pickerel-Introduction to Art;Ken Anderson-Primitive/Tribal Arts;Anthropology,Dr. Van Reidhead-Wor

Parkway Central Senior High School: 369 North Woods Mill Road Chesterfield, MO 63017
Chesterfield, Missouri, United States
High School Diploma, 1983
Grade 10, 1980-1981:English II,Grades A,A,Teacher Mr.Helfrich;Middle East Studies,Grades A,Teacher Mrs.Kraus;Shaping Western Society,Grades B,Teacher Sullivan;Unified Geometry,Grades B,B,Teacher Mr.Fuchs; Biology,Grades A,A; Latin III,Grades A,A,Teacher Mrs.Doering; Drivers Ed,Grades B,Teacher Schnell;Physical Ed,Grades B,Teacher Major
1980 To 1983
Dissertation: Grade 11, 1981-1982:*Honors English III,Grades B,B,Teacher Mrs.Ziwot;US Government,Grades B,Teacher Mr.Gannon;Psychology,Grades A,Teacher Mr.Rayburn;Algebra II-Trig,Grades B,C,Teacher Mrs.Lynam;Chemistry,Grades C,C,Teacher Mrs.Wanner;Latin IV,Grades A,A,Teacher Mrs.Doering;Drawing I,Grades A,Teacher Mrs.Davis;Physical Ed,Grades A,Teacher Ms.Roberts
Advisor: Grade 12,1982-1983:Composition,Grades B,Teacher Boyle;English Lit.I,Grades A,Teacher Mr.Beck;Engl

Parkway Central Junior High School: 471 North Woods Mill Road, Chesterfield, Missouri 63017
Chesterfield, Missouri, United States
Grade 8,1978-1979: Unified Studies,Grades B,B,Teachers USB Team; Pre Algebra, Grades C,B,Teacher Sanford; Earth Science,Grades B,B,Teacher Kestle-Vemmer; Latin A,Grades A,A,Teacher St.Clair; Home Economics,Grades B,Teacher Bornemann; PE Girls,Grade A,A,Teachers PE Staff; Study Hour
1978 To 1980
Dissertation: Grade 9,1979-1980:English I,Grade B,B,Teacher Mrs.Helfrich;Modern American History,Grade A,A,Teacher Mr.Gallo;Algebra IB,Grade A,A,Teacher Mr.Disterhauf;*Physical Science I,Grade B,B,Teacher Mrs.Wood; Latin IB,Grades A,A,Teacher Mr.St.Clair; Art I, Grades A,A,Teacher Mrs.Preusse; Typing I,Grades B,B,Teacher Phillips; Physical Ed,Grades A,A,Teacher Jones

St. Thomas the Apostle Grade School: 3350 St. Catherine Street, Florissant, MO 63033
Florissant, Missouri, United States
Rev.Burke-Pastor: Sr.Joan Galli,CSJ-Principal-1977; Sr.Margaret Brennan,CSJ-Principal-1976; 1977-1978:Grade 7:Mrs.Dell'Orco; 1976-1978:Grade 6:Mrs.C.Hanses
1976 To 1978
Dissertation: *Because Kathy Myers,my mother,married Tom Cobb,my step-father,and moved into his house in Florissant,MO,I attended St.Thomas the Apostle Grade School.

Maryland Grade School: The School District of Clayton, Maryland Avenue, Clayton, MO 63105
Clayton, Missouri, United States
Dr.E.H. Mueller-Principal; 1975-1976:Grade 5:Carolyn Hackman; 1974-1975:Grade 4:Mrs.K.Norris
1974 To 1976
Dissertation: *Because Kathy Myers,my mother,met Tom Cobb and he found a house for her to rent close to General Dynamics and his life insurance company office,I attended Maryland Grade School.

McGrath Grade School: Brentwood Public Schools 1775 Parkridge Avenue, Brentwood, MO 63144
Brentwood, Missouri, United States
Mr.E. Renfroe-Principal; 1973-1974:Grade 3:Michelle Costello; 1972-1973:Grade 2:Ms.Karen Kuester; 1971-1972:Grade 1:Gladys Barlow
1971 To 1974
Dissertation: *Because Kathy Myers, my mother, was a single parent of four children and working at General Dynamics,she rented an apartment in Brentwood,MO.

Immacolata Grade School: 8910 Clayton Road, Richmond Heights, Saint Louis, Missouri 63117
Richmond Heights, Saint Louis, Missouri 63117, Missouri, United States
1970 To 1971

Professional Associations

AGU 100: Advancing Earth and Space Science: Open your own free account.
2019 - Present

American Alliance of Museums: Open your own free account.
2019 - Present

American Anthropological Association: Open your own free account.
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American Astronomical Society: Open your own free account.
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American Chemical Society: or at Open your own free account.
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American Classical League (ACL): Open your own free account.
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American Meteorological Society: Open your own free account.
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Archaeological Institute of America: Open your own account, for free.
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British Trust for Ornithology: Open your own account, for free.
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Ecological Society of America (ESA) Open your own account, for free.
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Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce Open your own account, for free.
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The Geological Society of America; Open your own account, for free.
2019 - Present

Anti Defamation League
0 - Present

Parkway Alumni Association:
0 - Present

University of Missouri in Saint Louis Alumni Association:
0 - Present

Job History

The Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles: Inglewood Courthouse 1 Regent Street, Room 404 Inglewood, California 90301
Jury Duty
Inglewood, CA, United States
May 2017 - May 2017

Macy's Mens and Home Stores and Macy's Womens Stores: Manhattan Village 3400 Sepulveda Boulevard Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
PoloRalph Lauren Sales Specialist,HolidayRecoveryLead,Levis MaterialHandler,Signing TeamLead:ShannonGiancotta,OdessaManligas,IrmaRamosChavez,DonnaWade,ScottO'Brien,NikkiSaffrey,TracieManick,TeresaMatu
Manhattan Beach, CA, United States
July 2007 - March 2016

Sportswear By Rosemary Mrazik: 1791 Avenida Feliciano Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
Small Business Owner
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, United States
March 2011 - March 2012

My Alumni Apparel, A Division of Hombre/Libre Apparel:916 Silver Spur Road, Suite 302 Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274
Office Coordinator: Barry Freeman-Owner and CEO
Rolling Hills Estates, CA, United States
August 2010 - September 2010

Beverages and More, Inc.: 2500 Vista Way Oceanside, CA 92054
Seasonal Cashier, Store Associate: Brien O'Neill-Manager, Scott Reid-Assistant Manager, Nathan Chavez, Jonathan, Kelly.
Oceanside, CA, United States
December 2006 - December 2006

Mission Equipment and Lifts, Inc.: 3210 Production Avenue, Suite F Oceanside, CA 92054
Administrative Coordinator: Jerry Giardullo, Danny Castro; MCAS/MIRAMAR Auto Skills Center with Pat Dolbeck and Sgt. Polemini, Tech Force.
Oceanside, CA, United States
January 2006 - November 2006

The Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, CA: 325 S. Melrose Drive, Vista, CA 92083
Jury Duty
Vista, CA, United States
October 2006 - October 2006

AppleOne Employment Services: 28901 South Western Avenue, Suite 217 Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, United States
October 2004 - December 2005

Beach Cities-One Stop Center: Business and Employment Center 320 Knob Hill Road Redondo Beach, California 90277
Employment Center
Redondo Beach, CA, United States
March 2004 - November 2005

The Epilepsy Foundation: Greater Los Angeles: 5777 W. Century Blvd., Suite 820, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Volunteer: san Pietsch Escueta MPH-Executive Director, Guadalupe Corral-Leyva, Nancy Padilla, Raycene Coleman, Lupe Martinez, Marylynn.
Los Angeles, CA, United States
May 2005 - July 2005

The Superior Court of California, Office of the Jury Commissioner County of Los Angeles, State of California, Los Angeles, CA 90053-0298
Jury Duty
Los Angeles, CA, United States
March 2005 - March 2005

Kelly Services at EDS: 2121 Park Place El Segundo, California 90245
El Segundo, CA, United States
November 2004 - November 2004

UCLA Medical Center, Volunteer Services: 10833 Le Conte Avenue, 12-217 CHS Los Angeles, CA 90095-1728
Volunteer: Dr. Marc Nuwer, PhD
Los Angeles, CA, United States
November 2004 - November 2004

Pictage, Inc.: 1580 Francisco Street, Suite 101 Torrance, California 90501
Consumer Technical Help Desk: Andre Kiel, Dave Shevock, Julia Hamm-Tashima
Torrance, CA, United States
July 2003 - January 2004

Hunter Engineering Company in the Marketing Information Department: 11250 Hunter Drive Bridgeton, MO 63044
Marketing Clerk,Territory Management Clerk,Sr.Territory Management Representative:Steve Braur,Joe Staniszewski,Bill Markey,Teresa Houska,Don Cwiklowski,Paul Roberts,DennyBowen,Jenny McDonald,DaveSmith
Bridgeton, MO, United States
April 1996 - May 2003

United States District Court, Eastern District Of Missouri: 111 South 10th Street, Saint Louis, MO 63102
Jury Duty
Saint Louis, MO, United States
October 2001 - October 2001

SSM DePaul Health Center: 12303 DePaul Drive, Bridgeton, MO 63044
Volunteer in the Emergency Room: Dr. Denise T. Curry, Dr. Michael J. Hatelid, Dr. Neli Ghosh, Dr. Cantor, (Dr. Volpe, Dr. Wool with the BJC Children's Hospital).
Bridgeton, MO, United States
January 1998 - January 1999

Kelly Temporary Services: P.O. Box 14106 St. Louis, MO 63178
Saint Louis, MO, United States
February 1996 - April 1996

Daystar Temporary Services: St. Louis, MO.
Saint Louis, MO, United States
January 1996 - February 1996

First Bank, Inc.: Four Seasons Shopping Center: 1 First Missouri Drive (Center) Creve Coeur, MO 63141 (11901 Olive Street Road Creve Coeur, MO 63141)
Cash Transaction Reporting Clerk: James Dierberg, Kevin Wilson-Human Resources, Melinda White
Creve Coeur, MO, United States
November 1995 - January 1996

First Services, LLP: Affiliated with First Bank, Inc.: Four Season Shopping Center, 1 First Missouri Drive (Center) Creve Coeur, MO 63141
Central Information Department Clerk (CID Clerk): James Dierberg, Kevin Wilson-Human Resources, Monique Dattilo - Lead for the CID Department.
Creve Coeur, MO, United States
May 1992 - November 1995

Art & Frame Outlet: 924 Town & Country Commons Town & Country, MO 63017
Counter Sales and Picture Framing: Jane M. Richter - Gallery Manager
Town & Country, MO, United States
March 1994 - May 1995

St. John's Hospital/St. Lukes Hospital: 232 South Woods Mill Rd Chesterfield, MO 63017
Chesterfield, MO, United States
May 1994 - May 1994

Robert Half International, Office Team: 12655 Olive Blvd, Suite 320 St. Louis, MO 63141
Temporary: Caroline J. Holtmeier-Division Director
Saint Louis, MO, United States
March 1994 - March 1994

Shari Mulligan, Co.: 222 South Bemiston ,Clayton, MO 63105 and 6820 Wildlife Road, Malibu, CA 90265
Picture Framer and Delivery Person
Clayton, MO, United States
November 1989 - November 1991

Robert Half International, Office Team: 12655 Olive Blvd, Suite 320, St. Louis, MO 63141
Saint Louis, MO, United States
January 1991 - October 1991

Norrell Services, Inc.: 911 Washington Avenue, Lammert Bldg, Suite 220, St. Louis, MO 63101
Saint Louis, MO, United States
August 1991 - August 1991

Western Technical Services, Inc.: 230 N. Wiget Lane, Walnut Creek, CA 94598
Saint Louis, MO, United States
June 1991 - June 1991

Phoenix Textile Corporation: 21 Commerce Drive, O'Fallon, Missouri 63366
Drapery Clerk
O'Fallon, MO, United States
April 1991 - April 1991

Snelling Temporaries: 111 South Bemiston, Suite 107, Clayton, MO 63105
Clayton, MO, United States
February 1991 - March 1991

Remedy-Mid America Placement: Creve Coeur, MO.
Creve Coeur, MO, United States
February 1991 - March 1991

Total Employment Services, Inc.: 500 Northwest Plaza, Ste 513, St. Ann, MO 63074
St. Ann, MO, United States
February 1991 - February 1991

Mercantile Card Services, Inc., Mercantile Bank of St. Louis N.A., Mercantile Bancorporation: 8th and Locust Streets ,St. Louis, MO 63166
Credit Card Customer Service Representative: Irene McCallister - Human Resources, Sheila Dewell - Credit Card Services Manager; Sherry Womack-lead
Saint Louis, MO, United States
September 1990 - February 1991

Temporaries of St. Louis, Inc. DBA B. Loehr Temporaries: P.O. Box 1388, St. Louis, MO 63188-1388
Saint Louis, MO, United States
September 1990 - September 1990

Crystal Lion Galleries, Vanguard-Lion Associates: Vanguard-Lion Associates: 12105 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO 63131 and 14505 Manchester Road, Ballwin, MO 63011
Picture Framing and Counter Sales
Ballwin, MO, United States
December 1989 - September 1990

Western Temporary Services, Inc.: 230 N. Wiget Lane, Walnut Creek, CA 94589
Temporary in Saint Louis, Missouri
Saint Louis, MO, United States
August 1990 - August 1990

Prints Charming Inc.: 1145 St. Louis Galleria, Richmond Heights, MO 63117
Corporate Picture Framing Sales
Richmond Heights, MO, United States
October 1989 - November 1989

Frame Factory, Inc.: 32 Worthington Drive, Maryland Heights, MO 63043
Picture Framer and Retail Sales: Carolyn Mandelman, Janet Horner, Karen Coburn, Joyce Motherway, Tabby Quarles, Linda Burke, Maggie Carl, Pat Fischer, Marina Galinski
Creve Coeur, MO, United States
July 1986 - September 1989

Piece of the Pie, Inc.: Feb. 1986- March 1986 Ward Parkway Mall, Kansas City, MO. July 1986- Aug. 1986 Chesterfield Mall, Chesterfield, MO.
Ward Parkway Mall in Kansas City and Chesterfield Mall in Chesterfield, MO, United States
February 1986 - August 1986

Lee-Jung Cleaners DBA Chenoweth-Chapman Cleaners: 12804 Olive Street Road, Creve Coeur, MO 63141
Cashier; Mr. Lee
Creve Coeur, MO, United States
August 1983 - September 1984

John Keightley and Smitty-General Contractors for residential driveway resurfacing.
Marketing: John Keightley, Kelly Keightley, and Lisa Keightley
Ladue, MO, United States
August 1983 - August 1984

K and L Catering: Quarterhorse Trail St. Peters - St. Charles County, Missouri 63376
Catering for weddings: Kelly (Keightley) Speth, Lisa (Keightley) Heying, Mary O'Neil
Ladue, MO, United States
August 1983 - August 1984

Consolidated Grain & Barge Co. CGB Enterprises, Inc. (in West Saint Louis County, Missouri): P.O. Box 249 Mandeville, Louisiana 70470-0249
Temporary: Ben Uchatel and Kathleen A Myers - my mother
Saint Louis, MO, United States
August 1983 - August 1983


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