Rebecca Strang

Naperville Public Library

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Naperville Public Library
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If we don't know each other, please send me a message to introduce yourself and let me know why you'd like to connect before sending me a blind connection request.

I am a Children's Services Librarian at a public library in the Chicago suburbs. My passion is tabletop gaming - my husband and I run a local gaming group and I use games in a lot of my library programming.

I write about gaming and library things on my website, To Play is Human. You'll find game reviews, program plans, storytime resources, and more.

I co-host Playability, an interview-based podcast at the crossroads of gameplay and accessibility. Episodes run 15-20 minutes — something people can listen to during a commute, a lunch break, a walk, etc. Full transcripts are posted with each episode.

My husband and I have FIVE of the most adorable cats in the world and they own us completely: Franklin, Charlotte, Aurora, Nox, and Bacchus. Yes, Bacchus, the youngest, has his own Instagram account so you can follow his shenanigans here.