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Brooklyn Public Library

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Brooklyn Public Library
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I'm Gina Kromhout, the councilor for GameRT. I work at the Avon Lake Public Library as the Teen Services Librarian. I also have adult reference and collection development duties (video games, music, SF, graphic novels). My library is a medium sized one building affair located in an affluent suburb of Cleveland. I have been with the ALPL for almost 7 years and this is my first post-MLIS job. In grad school at Kent State I also worked at the main library reference desk.
I'm currently only officially involved with GameRT and council, but last year I was also an Emerging Leader working with IRRT. I've also served a term on the Ohio Library Council's Teen Services Action Council.
When I'm not doing book wizard stuff I am your typical geek - I like video games, anime, manga, science fiction, and fantasy. I am absolutely LOVING this current trend of YA dark fantasy. My husband and I live closer to downtown Cleveland on the west side (west side is best side!), where all the bars and gastropubs are. We have 3 cats and 1 dog. Ask me about them and I will probably talk to you for 2 hours about their antics. One of my biggest fandoms is Jem and the Holograms. I have most of the toys and have met several people involved with the cartoon. 
Ask me anything about geeky stuff or memes and I'll probably know. I'm a frequent denizen on think tank too. An easy way to find me at conference is look for the hair. Currently it's peachy-pink and will probably stay that color a while longer. Nice to meet you all!