Ms. Samantha Mairson-Dougherty

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Samantha Mairson-Dougherty

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My hobbies as a youngster included: organizing the stuffed animal displays at the local department store, watching Disney-animated cartoons in the wee hours of the morning, giving lectures to imaginary classrooms of people, and building elaborate book, blanket, & cereal box fortresses.

Guiding, creating and collaborating are my strengths. Now, as a Children's Librarian for the Rye Free Reading Room, I help kids find great books, plan educational programming, and design marketing resources. Formerly I've worked with EveryLibrary, an interest group that fights for nationwide voter support of libraries and library funding. During my college years, I worked as a program assistant for Enrollment and Recruitment at Syracuse iSchool, and as a circulation specialist, staff assistant, web developer and information architecture researcher at the UConn Library. Other job roles have included: daycare supervisor, file clerk, corpsmember, trailworker, wildland firefighter, adventure trip leader, marketing coordinator, YouMedia intern, digital humanities intern, research assistant, and archival worker.

When I'm not working, I like to be outdoors, exercising, cooking, spending time with loved ones, or learning something new. As a alum of one of the world's first iSchools and UConn's pioneering Digital Media and Design program, I've been trained on the leading edge of digital technologies and their cross-disciplinary application.