Rachel Morton

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I received my Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science in 2008, and immediately began trying to find a job, only to find that nobody wanted to hire someone without experience. I grew up in a small town with no opportunities for employment, and I was homeschooled using a very intense curriculum, so I didn't have time for a job. In college, I was given the opportunity to pursue an internship, but I declined it because I wanted to focus on my studies.

After trying unsuccessfully for two years to find a job, I began volunteering at a local public library. I have always loved libraries, so this seemed a natural choice for me. While volunteering, I realized that I wanted to work in a library and decided to pursue my Master's.

I started my Master's in 2014. I knew I had a very technical mind, so I took a class in cataloging. I loved it! Over the course of the next two years I took two more classes and a Practicum in the cataloging department of a local academic library.

After I received my Master's in 2016, I began looking for cataloging volunteer positions that I could do while searching for a cataloging or technical services job. I ended up with two, each one at a public library. One lasted about a year and then they ran out of projects for me to work on. I still volunteer for the other library. I am also working on educating myself about various languages and formatting schemas that I didn't learn about while pursuing my degree. Because I live in an area without much in the way of networking opportunities, I am hoping to use ALA Connect and other social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn to do networking.

I am a member of a regional ALA chapter that covers my state and several others that I am looking for work in. I used to belong to the ALA chapter for my state as well, but I live in a small state and there aren't may opportunities here, so it seemed unlikely that I would find a job in my home state so I didn't renew last time it came up for renewal. Last year I attended the broader ALA chapter's conference last year and enjoyed it, though since I am new to networking I didn't get much out of it from that perspective. I am subscribed to multiple listservs and rss news and job feeds. There are no networking events other than annual conferences in my area. I have been looking at library assistant, library technician, and shelver jobs, as well as non-library positions in grocery stores and bookstores doing things like stocking shelves.