Mr. Joshua Newport

Illinois State University

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Illinois State University

Joshua Newport

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Bringing a wide variety of skills and experience to a library context from Theatre Arts to Computer Programming experience in the United States Air Force to Retail Sales Mr. Newport has interacted with a wide variety of individuals from different cultural, national, religious and economic backgrounds in a variety of settings and is skilled at working with people to discover what it is they want and need and helping them find or get those things whether cold weather and camping gear, well designed software tailored to their needs, or entertaining and teaching with the spoken word.

When working with colleagues, clients, or patrons an enthusiastic embracing of the challenges of accurate communication and comprehension is a uniting theme of his experiences as is a passion for creative problem solving. Whether helping a patron at Champaign Surplus to find a way to combine products in a new way to meet a unique patron need or designing, writing, and maintaining a computer program or webpage to meet the needs of Air Force colleagues or even finding interesting new ways to communicate with a theatre audience the ability to figure out efficient effective ways to use existing resources, or create new resources, to meet a need in a way not considered previously is a motivation and a reward.