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75th-FundRaising-Campaign.docx #GeneralNewsandDiscussion
immersionprogram_ala_annual2014_Sunday0629Agenda-Final.doc #IPCChairDocuments
ImmersionProgramCommitteeAnnualWorkPlan2014-2015---Final.doc #IPCChairDocuments
ImmersionProgramCommitteeAnnualWorkPlan2014-2015---Draft.doc #IPCChairDocuments
Immersion Program Committee ALA Annual 2014 (Los Vegas, NV) Business Meeting Agenda Sunday, June 29, 2014 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Hotel: Bally’s; Room: Palace 4 1. Welcome & Introductions 2. Volunteer to take notes 3. Announcements from the Chair Report from ACRL ...
MinutesIPCMtg01242014.doc #MeetingMinutes
Final ACRL IPC Agenda - Friday 01242014.doc #MeetingAgendas
immersionprogram_alamw2014_Friday0124Agenda.doc #MeetingAgendas
Hello Everyone This is the Immersion Program Committee Annual Work Plan (Final and approved).  Please be sure to review it. Thank you. ImmersionProgramCommitteeAnnualWorkPlan2013-2014 - Final.doc #IPCPlanningDocuments
Hello all, I have received some comments on the Annual Plan and incorporated them into the draft.  Please use THIS DOCUMENT provide me feedback by the end of day Wednesday, July 17th.  I will be submitting the DRAFT on Thursday on July 18th to the board and staff liaison for comments/feedback. ...
ImmersionProgramCommitteeAnnualWorkPlan2013-2014.doc #GeneralNewsandDiscussion
Program-Track-print-doc-final-03092013--ALA-Connect.pdf #ProgramRubricsandApplicationsText
Teacher-Track-print-doc-03052013---ALA-Connect.pdf #ProgramRubricsandApplicationsText
These are documents related to the Immersion Website Project. AssessmentTrack Rubric.doc #committeeprojects #GeneralNewsandDiscussion