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  • 1.  Recent actions taken by Council

    Posted Feb 28, 2022 04:06 PM
    Hello Council,
    TAG member, Meg Delaney created this spreadsheet regarding recent actions taken by Council.  Wel thought it might be helpful for all councilors to see as we make decisions in the coming weeks.

    Meg's message:

    This chart is meant to help in the process of analyzing the actions of Council. It comes from documents provided by the Council Secretariat after each conference / set of meetings - thank you Marsha Burgess. Most recent meetings are at the top, and they get older as you scroll down. The goal was to cover sessions during and before COVID. You'll see that it is a work in progress.
    Some of the information is subjective, and you may agree or disagree with the ways in which I have categorized actions. The intent is to help us get objectivity on the actions taken by Council. That objectivity may aid in making decisions about the next best steps for this body.
    I look forward to the discussion on Wednesday and the Council meeting on 3/10.

    Thank you,
    Meg Delaney / TAG Task Force Member, former Ohio Chapter Councilor

    Amy Lappin
    Deputy Director
    Lebanon Public Libraries

  • 2.  RE: Recent actions taken by Council

    Posted Feb 28, 2022 04:31 PM
    Amy,  And thanks to Meg

    I could not open the Google Spreadsheet -  Access Denied

    I received a message that said;  You'll get an email letting you know if the file is shared with you

    No message every appeared.

    Anybody else have this problem?

  • 3.  RE: Recent actions taken by Council

    Posted Feb 28, 2022 04:40 PM

    Same here, Ann. I just asked for permission.


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