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Charge: An opportunity for academic librarians with virtual world interests and responsibilities to have a place in ACRL to network, share information, ask questions, and work on special projects and programs relevant to academic libraries.
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ACRL in SL Transcript for 10/14/2009 Meeting 

Oct 15, 2009 12:17 PM

[17:59]  Abbey Zenith: will give it a couple more minutes to see if others come
[17:59]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: This sim looks perfect, by the way.
[17:59]  Abbey Zenith: that's wonderful Dede!
[17:59]  Zip Zlatkis: yea, busy good to a point. could use some donw time
[17:59]  Abbey Zenith: You like the changes? Thaks!
[18:00]  Dede Longfall: yep! and we get to really play a part in it....nice
[18:00]  Abbey Zenith: yes :)
[18:00]  Abbey Zenith: this is just a basic is still open to change, I'll talk a bit about that later.
[18:00]  Abbey Zenith: but I'm glad they let us terraform
[18:01]  Abbey Zenith: more useful space
[18:01]  Abbey Zenith: brb phone
[18:01]  Abbey Zenith: sorry
[18:01]  Abbey Zenith: back
[18:02]  Abbey Zenith: ok we'll get going - I'll keep a transcript for those who couldn't make it.
[18:02]  Abbey Zenith: As you can see we have a new layout here! It isn't a final layout, but ALA let me terraform the parcel to make it flat like everyone wanted. I added several conversation area and changed the orientation of the information boards.
[18:02]  Abbey Zenith: I also changed the archives board to give out the complete list with one click and will add each meeting to it as we go.
[18:02]  Dede Longfall: its really nice...good job abbey
[18:02]  Abbey Zenith: and we have a board that says when the next meeting is so people that find this in search or just happen by will know.
[18:02]  Abbey Zenith: thanks
[18:03]  Abbey Zenith: As far as information, we could still use:
[18:03]  Abbey Zenith: * some sort of directory of academic libraries/librarians in SL and/or colleges and universities.
[18:03]  Abbey Zenith: * updated ACRL textures, checking links, adding new
and suggestions of other things we can provide here.
[18:03]  Abbey Zenith: Robin has volunteered to help and if anyone else would like to feel free to just jump in. I'll help get you any perms you need to add info.
[18:03]  Dede Longfall: i think i 'm supposed to be helping with that ....sorry no action yet
[18:03]  Abbey Zenith: At this point we can come up with a new design for the area if you like...I don't think we can do a building, but we can add kiosks, partial walls, etc.
[18:04]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: This set-up is versatile.
[18:04]  Abbey Zenith: That's ok, we're all busy and it is hard to carve out time to do things like this... any time you or anyone can spare will be welcome when you can spare it
[18:04]  Abbey Zenith: I'm happy you can come to meetings!
[18:05]  Abbey Zenith: thanks... we don't have many prims left... but I can remove things like those tall tables and chairs, they are mostly decoration :)
[18:05]  Abbey Zenith: Hi Laitris!
[18:05]  Liatris Tidewater: Hiya
[18:05]  Abbey Zenith: glad you could make it!
[18:05]  Abbey Zenith: we were just talking about the new layout :)
[18:05]  Liatris Tidewater: I like it :)
[18:05]  Abbey Zenith: thanks
[18:05]  Abbey Zenith: ok an announcment
[18:06]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Was it winter around here before?
[18:06]  Abbey Zenith nods
[18:06]  Abbey Zenith: it has always been :)
[18:06]  Abbey Zenith: ACRL Virtual Worlds Interest Group will meet at
[18:06]  Abbey Zenith: ALA Midwinter
Boston, MA
Sunday January 17th between 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Location TBA
[18:07]  Abbey Zenith: we'll again try doing a dual meeting with people here attending from SL
[18:07]  Abbey Zenith: we've had some success with those and I've asked for wireless, etc.
[18:07]  Abbey Zenith: Hi Adra :)
[18:07]  Adra Letov: Hi Everyone
[18:07]  Dede Longfall: hi adra
[18:07]  Abbey Zenith: Hi Agnesa :)
[18:07]  Abbey Zenith: glad you both could make it
[18:07]  Agnesa Capalini: Hi all
[18:08]  Adra Letov: Hi Agnesa
[18:08]  Abbey Zenith: I just made this announcement...
[18:08]  Abbey Zenith: ACRL Virtual Worlds Interest Group
ALA Midwinter
Boston, MA
Sunday January 17th between 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Location TBA
[18:08]  Agnesa Capalini: Hi Adra
[18:08]  Abbey Zenith: Those who can't be in Boston will meet with us here :)
[18:08]  Abbey Zenith: is anyone planning on going to MW?
[18:08]  Dede Longfall: keeping the cushions warm
[18:08]  Adra Letov: Thawould be me, here
[18:08]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Virtually.
[18:08]  Agnesa Capalini: not sure yet
[18:09]  Liatris Tidewater: not in person
[18:09]  Abbey Zenith feeling like I'll be alone in Boston
[18:09]  Liatris Tidewater: aw
[18:09]  Dede Longfall: want to so much...i can get the time just not the Lindens...
[18:09]  Liatris Tidewater: I'd go if I weren't going to St. Louis for SLA a week or so later
[18:09]  Abbey Zenith: but we always seem to have a couple of people who come to the RL meeting because they are curious, it is a good chance to show what we are doing.
[18:10]  Adra Letov: Yes!
[18:10]  Abbey Zenith: I understand, budgets are keeping a lot of people from going.
[18:10]  Liatris Tidewater: they ask the most interesting questions :)
[18:10]  Abbey Zenith: Hi Denise!
[18:10]  Adra Letov: All the more reason to meet in SL :-)
[18:10]  Dede Longfall: yes our proration has gotten worse
[18:10]  Abbey Zenith: yes :)
[18:11]  Abbey Zenith: I'm fortunate to be able to attend, I am unsure about DC this summer.
[18:11]  Denise Lorakeet: hi
[18:11]  Abbey Zenith: Welcome Denise :)
[18:12]  Abbey Zenith: glad to have you here
[18:12]  Denise Lorakeet: Thank you
[18:12]  Denise Lorakeet: Good to be here
[18:12]  Abbey Zenith: would you like to be in the ACRL group?
[18:12]  Denise Lorakeet: Yes thank you
[18:12]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Going back up the chat, is the meeting time, 4:00 - 5:30 pm, Boston time or SL time?
[18:13]  Abbey Zenith: Boston time, sorry!
[18:13]  Abbey Zenith: I need to translate that :)
[18:13]  Dede Longfall: now i have to convert
[18:13]  Dede Longfall: to my time from there
[18:13]  Abbey Zenith: 7 PM SLT - 8:30 PM SLT
[18:14]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: I think that's backwards.
[18:14]  Zip Zlatkis: yea
[18:14]  Abbey Zenith: oops
[18:14]  Liatris Tidewater: LOL
[18:14]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Boston is 3 hours later than SLT.
[18:14]  Dede Longfall: hehehe
[18:14]  Zip Zlatkis: 4 boston is 1 sl
[18:14]  Abbey Zenith: I suck at this too
[18:14]  Dede Longfall: math...eeecckkk
[18:14]  Abbey Zenith: soooo 1 PM SLT - 2:30 PM SLT?
[18:14]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: That looks right.
[18:14]  Dede Longfall: so thats 3 for me.......whew
[18:15]  Abbey Zenith: I'll double check before I send announcements out :) thanks for trying to keep me straight lol
[18:15]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: That's a good time to get the entire continental US, at least.
[18:15]  Abbey Zenith: yes it will be a good time for SL
[18:15]  Abbey Zenith: I hope :)
[18:15]  Dede Longfall: we're bi-coastal
[18:16]  Abbey Zenith: I have another announcement too :)
[18:16]  Abbey Zenith: Last week I met with ALA reps here in SL and Lori Bell (Lorelei Junot in SL)
[18:16]  Abbey Zenith: they are planning a Virtual Worlds Fair in conjunction with Learning TImes
[18:16]  Adra Letov: all ears
[18:16]  Dede Longfall: ooohhh
[18:17]  Abbey Zenith: This event is sponsored by Alliance Virtual Library and Learning Times. It will be a fee based conference that covers virtual worlds in general, not just SL and will have speakers, tours, exhibits.
[18:17]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: wow!
[18:17]  Silhshoot Seelowe: cool!
[18:17]  Abbey Zenith: Librarians will either be able to attend for free or at a reduced rate.
[18:17]  Dede Longfall: oh wow
[18:17]  Liatris Tidewater: excellent!
[18:17]  Abbey Zenith: The ALA Virtual Communities and Libraries Member Interest Group will be helping with the event and it would be good publicity if we can also assist with the program.
[18:17]  Adra Letov: great!
[18:17]  Abbey Zenith: ACRL gave us approval to be involved :)
[18:17]  Adra Letov: wonderful
[18:17]  Abbey Zenith: This is still in the planning stage right now, so I don't have more details, but I will keep the group informed as planning begins. If someone in the group would like to assist in the planning process (go to meetings etc.)
[18:17]  Agnesa Capalini: Is that the one in Feb 2010?
[18:17]  Abbey Zenith: yes
[18:18]  Abbey Zenith: it would be fantastic. I will participate but some of the planning meetings take place during work hours when I can't attend.
[18:18]  Abbey Zenith: so if anyone has time to spare during the day for meetings just let me know..
[18:18]  Abbey Zenith: and I'll let you all know more details as I find out more too.
[18:18]  Adra Letov: no date for that yet?
[18:19]  Liatris Tidewater: do you have an idea what time of day the meetings would be?
[18:19]  Abbey Zenith: Not that I know of...
[18:19]  Abbey Zenith: Liatris, before 4 central time, but no... I can let you know when I find out. We tried to meet this week but couldn't find a good time for everyone.
[18:19]  Adra Letov: I will if I can
[18:20]  Abbey Zenith: great :) more than one can go...
[18:20]  Dede Longfall: i can try if i can learn enough to be of use
[18:20]  Agnesa Capalini: I read somewhere that the dates where Feb 17 and 18, 2010
[18:20]  Liatris Tidewater: I can do SL during work hours but I've been way busy lately :(
[18:20]  Abbey Zenith: Great Agnesa, you know more than I do about it then :)
[18:21]  Agnesa Capalini: oops sorry about the typo
[18:21]  Abbey Zenith: I know Lori and Learning Times had started the ball rolling
[18:21]  Abbey Zenith: and invited ALA to take part
[18:21]  Abbey Zenith: instead of doing a separate event that was also in the works.
[18:22]  Abbey Zenith: So I'm sure some of it is already in the works..
[18:22]  Adra Letov: makes sense, greater synergy
[18:22]  Abbey Zenith: we can think of ways we can participate and help :)
[18:22]  Liatris Tidewater: and make librarians look good? :)
[18:22]  Abbey Zenith: Always!
[18:22]  Agnesa Capalini: absolutely!
[18:23]  Dede Longfall: of course!
[18:23]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: It sounds like a good partnership for everybody.
[18:23]  Adra Letov: if they look they can see we always look good, lol
[18:23]  Abbey Zenith: It is still amazing to me that some have never even heard of SL - of course this converence will include other virtual worlds too.
[18:23]  Agnesa Capalini: and that will be interesting too
[18:23]  Adra Letov: many have never heard on my campus and in libraries here
[18:24]  Abbey Zenith: So it is a chance for us all to learn more too!
[18:24]  Dede Longfall: i've been trying to find out more about "others"! lol
[18:24]  Dede Longfall: all i kmow about it WoW from my kids...sigh
[18:24]  Abbey Zenith: I tried a couple early on, the open sims and Lively... they just didn't grab me.
[18:24]  Liatris Tidewater: same here
[18:24]  Adra Letov: me either
[18:24]  Abbey Zenith: but I'm sure there is much more out there now
[18:25]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: I am trying desperately not to get into any more worlds.
[18:25]  Abbey Zenith nods
[18:25]  Adra Letov: agrees, SL keeps me plenty busy
[18:25]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: I want to spend at least a little time in RL. :-)
[18:25]  Adra Letov: but like to know something for conversation and presentations
[18:25]  Abbey Zenith agrees 100%
[18:26]  Abbey Zenith: and that's why we are a Virtual Worlds Interest Group now instead of SL...a broader scope.
[18:26]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Maybe Wikipedia is what I need for research on other VWs.
[18:26]  Abbey Zenith: Maybe I can learn more about those before MW so I can speak to those interests in the meeting...
[18:27]  Abbey Zenith: I've not looked there :)
[18:27]  Adra Letov: wikipedia has it all
[18:27]  Dede Longfall: no kidding
[18:27]  Abbey Zenith: Dian is going to speak to us about the research group she is in...but before that, does anyone have any questions for suggestions for me?
[18:28]  Abbey Zenith: I mean Adra!
[18:28]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: We have a few spare prims in the sim you said?
[18:28]  Adra Letov: Diane is ok too
[18:28]  Abbey Zenith: yes
[18:28]  Abbey Zenith: about 37
[18:28]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: If we get a large crowd
[18:28]  Abbey Zenith: but the tables and chairs can go :)
[18:28]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: is there a way to expand capacity quickly?
[18:28]  Abbey Zenith: the prims won't count for visitors
[18:29]  Abbey Zenith: they are handled by the sim
[18:29]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Assuming everybody gets to sit down?
[18:29]  Abbey Zenith: the sim can take up to so many - whatever it is set for... usually 40-75
[18:29]  Liatris Tidewater: tell everyone to take off their hair, shoes and jewelry :)
[18:29]  Abbey Zenith: ah that is a different problem :)
[18:29]  Abbey Zenith: I can always remove the couches too
[18:29]  Abbey Zenith: the cushions are one prim each
[18:30]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Maybe we could have a class on presentable one-prim avatars?
[18:30]  Abbey Zenith: we can be flexible :)
[18:30]  Abbey Zenith: is there such a thing ???? :)
[18:30]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: there are 2 of us here now
[18:30]  Liatris Tidewater hangs her head in shame
[18:30]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Myself and Zip
[18:30]  Dede Longfall: really?
[18:31]  Zip Zlatkis: ME!
[18:31]  Abbey Zenith: one night at a party people were trying to reduce their ARC - we had a lot of bald barefoot people dancing at the Jazz Cat.
[18:31]  Dede Longfall: wow
[18:31]  Dede Longfall: that must have been a sight
[18:31]  Abbey Zenith nods
[18:31]  Agnesa Capalini: lol
[18:31]  Abbey Zenith: these are problems we can work on :)
[18:32]  Agnesa Capalini: my hair alone will get me tossed out of the place
[18:32]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: The hair is the hardest part.
[18:32]  Dede Longfall: bald librarians of sl has a nice ring to it
[18:32]  Abbey Zenith: hmmm this wild one of mine would too :)
[18:32]  Abbey Zenith: lol Dede
[18:33]  Agnesa Capalini: we'll just have to buy some for times when prims need to be reduced
[18:33]  Dede Longfall: well sacrifices must be made
[18:33]  Agnesa Capalini: good excuse to
[18:33]  Abbey Zenith: :)
[18:33]  Dede Longfall: lol
[18:33]  Abbey Zenith: Any other questions?
[18:34]  Abbey Zenith: Suggestions?
[18:34]  Agnesa Capalini: what's our first activity here?
[18:34]  Denise Lorakeet: brb
[18:34]  Abbey Zenith: good question! If anyone has any ideas of a program we could do next month let me know...
[18:34]  Abbey Zenith: or if anyone would like to speak
[18:35]  Abbey Zenith: this meeting and the last have just been chats... time to do programming again :) Just IM if you think of something later.
[18:35]  Abbey Zenith: Adra the floor is yours :)
[18:36]  Adra Letov: One reminder first: next month we are haveing an Informtion Literacy event and exhibit here, no date yest, but soon
[18:36]  Adra Letov: Now for the research
[18:37]  Abbey Zenith: (that's right sorry I forgot it!)
[18:37]  Adra Letov: Robin Mochi, Alice Burgess, Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks and I are conducting a survey to learn about academic librarians roles and activities in SL. We would really appreciate hearing from as many academic librarians who use SL, no matter how little to tell us about their experiences.
[18:37]  Adra Letov: This is a phase one survey. In phase two we will contact those who agree for an interview to expand on the responses.
[18:37]  Dede Longfall: yes i got your notice
[18:37]  Adra Letov: great!
[18:37]  Adra Letov: Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey:
[18:37]  Adra Letov: The survey will be available until Monday, Oct. 19. Please forward this information widely. Thank you!
[18:38]  Adra Letov: We have ahd 46 responses so far, thatnk you for doing this.
[18:38]  Adra Letov: We want to publish a major article on the SL academic librarians
[18:38]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Ah, yes. I got mine today.
[18:38]  Abbey Zenith: yay!
[18:38]  Dede Longfall: wtg adra
[18:38]  Dede Longfall: et. al.
[18:38]  Adra Letov: thank you for doing this, it is really fascinating and I can't wait to get to the analysis
[18:39]  Liatris Tidewater: very cool
[18:39]  Adra Letov: You are ll very cool!
[18:39]  Abbey Zenith: Thanks Adra! We are looking forward to it!
[18:39]  Adra Letov: Please do forward it to your state lists in case there are academic librarians who don't belong to the groups in SL--we have found a few that way
[18:39]  Dede Longfall: sure!
[18:40]  Abbey Zenith: wow are you getting them in the groups?
[18:40]  Adra Letov: Thank you!
[18:40]  Adra Letov: Not so far, but that will be an outcome
[18:40]  Abbey Zenith: k :)
[18:40]  Adra Letov: we are just finding out through one of the questions who is in groups and not all are
[18:40]  Abbey Zenith: this parcel is listed in search
[18:41]  Liatris Tidewater: a little surprising
[18:41]  Abbey Zenith: if someone is curious and types in ACRL they should be able to find us...let me see lol
[18:41]  Liatris Tidewater: but some are not joiners I guess
[18:41]  Adra Letov: lots of surprises in this one
[18:41]  Adra Letov: maybe an invite would do it, we will try that
[18:41]  Abbey Zenith: yes we are there!
[18:41]  Liatris Tidewater: or they've already filled up their allotment of groups :)
[18:42]  Adra Letov: we will find that out too
[18:42]  Liatris Tidewater: gotta get those free group gifts :)
[18:42]  Abbey Zenith: :)
[18:42]  Abbey Zenith: we all want more groups
[18:42]  Dede Longfall: oooohhhh gifts
[18:42]  Liatris Tidewater: LOL
[18:42]  Agnesa Capalini: many of the dance groups use another means to get communication out
[18:42]  Adra Letov: subscribo
[18:42]  Agnesa Capalini: scribo...????
[18:42]  Agnesa Capalini: yes
[18:42]  Abbey Zenith: scrib-o-matic
[18:43]  Group Subscriber: There are new group subscription requests.
[18:43]  Adra Letov: subscribe-o-matic groups don't count against your group
[18:43]  Agnesa Capalini: that way people will join and not worry about deleting their favorite groups
[18:43]  Liatris Tidewater: only problem with those is that you have to remember to go touch the
[18:43]  Adra Letov: so you can have a lots ot them
[18:43]  Liatris Tidewater: them
[18:43]  Adra Letov: right, not convenient
[18:43]  Liatris Tidewater: if you've been offline for awhile
[18:43]  Liatris Tidewater: and your IMs have been capped :(
[18:43]  Agnesa Capalini: i might forget how to delete them
[18:43]  Agnesa Capalini: members forever!
[18:44]  Abbey Zenith: I know - I accidently touched one of those and had no idea how to stop the notices, they were overwhelming!
[18:44]  Group Subscriber: ACRL in Second Life: 1 avatar(s)... Silhshoot Seelowe
[18:44]  Adra Letov: lol, info overload
[18:44]  Dede Longfall: i'm on one know and hate it
[18:44]  Liatris Tidewater: usually you can just touch them again to unsub
[18:44]  Agnesa Capalini: yes
[18:44]  Abbey Zenith: yes
[18:44]  Agnesa Capalini: hopefully the jplace still exists
[18:44]  Agnesa Capalini: so you can delte
[18:44]  Abbey Zenith: if you can remember where that was :)
[18:44]  Agnesa Capalini: delelte
[18:44]  Dede Longfall: thats the prob i can't really remember
[18:44]  Liatris Tidewater: right Abbey :)
[18:44]  Agnesa Capalini: oops, I give up
[18:44]  Dede Longfall: figures
[18:45]  Agnesa Capalini: lol
[18:45]  Dede Longfall: oops agnesa i meant me not you!
[18:45]  Agnesa Capalini: lol
[18:45]  Agnesa Capalini: no problem
[18:45]  Agnesa Capalini: haha
[18:45]  Silhshoot Seelowe: why can't the number of groups be increased?
[18:46]  Adra Letov: good question Sihlshoot
[18:46]  Liatris Tidewater: too resouce intensive say the LIndens
[18:46]  Liatris Tidewater: database issues etc.
[18:46]  Silhshoot Seelowe: charge me then
[18:46]  Abbey Zenith: It is something built into how SL is set up and the can't change it or won't...
[18:46]  Adra Letov: won't most likely
[18:46]  Abbey Zenith: Pathfinder gave us an explaination last year but I don't recall it exactly.
[18:47]  Silhshoot Seelowe: have to build mor alts ㋡
[18:47]  Adra Letov: because it didn't make sense, lol
[18:47]  Abbey Zenith: I just recall he said it wasn't likely to change!
[18:47]  Abbey Zenith: oh
[18:47]  Silhshoot Seelowe: library alt, danceing alt, shopping alt LOL
[18:47]  Abbey Zenith: the 2nd College Fair in SL takes place the weekend of Oct 24/25
[18:47]  Dede Longfall: lol silh
[18:48]  Agnesa Capalini: I notice there is a cost associated with it. why is that?
[18:48]  Dede Longfall: we just got our space this week
[18:48]  Abbey Zenith: It is co-sponsored by Alliance Virtual Library
[18:48]  Abbey Zenith: no cost
[18:48]  Agnesa Capalini: oh good
[18:48]  Agnesa Capalini: I must have miss read
[18:49]  Dede Longfall: afk
[18:49]  Silhshoot Seelowe: I ws scouting the location just before this meeting
[18:49]  SL College Fair  info stick SLCF09: Thanks for choosing Open Source!
[18:49]  Agnesa Capalini: where is it being held
[18:49]  Abbey Zenith: Information link here
[18:49]  SL College Fair  info stick SLCF09 owned by Abbey Zenith gave you 'SL College Fair  info stick SLCF09'  ( ).
[18:49]  SL College Fair  info stick SLCF09: Thanks for choosing Open Source!
[18:49]  Silhshoot Seelowe: International schools
[18:50]  Abbey Zenith: last year it was on Info Island, but it is too large to accomodate now...
[18:50]  Agnesa Capalini: very successful! Great
[18:50]  SL College Fair  info stick SLCF09: Thanks for choosing Open Source!
[18:50]  Abbey Zenith: it is shaping up to be a great one... Claudia Linden will open
[18:52]  Abbey Zenith: Also - on Info Island, ICT moved to another location...but we are creating a library with SL resources for everyone....and including specific resources for educators, to help fill that gap
[18:52]  Dede Longfall: great
[18:52]  Abbey Zenith: it is located where ICT was on Info Island.
[18:52]  Adra Letov: We will teach classes there when it is complete
[18:52]  Abbey Zenith: Yes, Adra is beginning to set up skills classes :)
[18:52]  Agnesa Capalini: Wonderful
[18:53]  Adra Letov: We have several classes scheduled for October and November on the Alliance calendar
[18:53]  Adra Letov: they will be taught at the Fusion stage near reference
[18:53]  Adra Letov: until the Resource Center is ready
[18:53]  Adra Letov: Daisyblue and Abbey have scheduled classes already
[18:53]  Liatris Tidewater: is it mainly for students, or everyone?
[18:53]  Adra Letov: Everyone
[18:53]  Dede Longfall: i'll send our sl users group the info...some prof. are very interested
[18:54]  Abbey Zenith: great!
[18:54]  Adra Letov: we will advertise to the alliance volunteers and groups like ACRL
[18:54]  Adra Letov: feel free to speread the word, we want more diversity of users
[18:54]  Adra Letov: we could get slammed with big crowds of learners, lol
[18:55]  Agnesa Capalini: I think you might
[18:55]  Liatris Tidewater: that would be a good problem to have
[18:55]  Abbey Zenith: we'll have to cap classes
[18:55]  Adra Letov: if that happens
[18:55]  Abbey Zenith: yes
[18:55]  Dede Longfall: what a way to go....
[18:55]  Abbey Zenith: Thank you all for coming tonight :) Great meeting!
[18:55]  Liatris Tidewater: I need to go to the desk - thanks Abbey & Adra
[18:56]  Abbey Zenith: Thanks for coming Liatris!
[18:56]  Adra Letov: Anyone here who would like to teach is welcome to
[18:56]  Abbey Zenith: yes :)
[18:56]  Adra Letov: Thanks Liatris, my student has been helped by you are ref
[18:56]  Dede Longfall: thanks all gotta run...have a gn
[18:56]  Abbey Zenith: I'm going to sit right here until I save the transcript and put it in the archives tonight (last time I lost it!)
[18:56]  Abbey Zenith: Thank you all for coming :)
[18:56]  Adra Letov: thanks Abbey
[18:57]  Abbey Zenith: Nite everyone!
[18:57]  Agnesa Capalini: thanks to all...great meeting
[18:57]  Agnesa Capalini: nite


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