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Charge: An opportunity for academic librarians with virtual world interests and responsibilities to have a place in ACRL to network, share information, ask questions, and work on special projects and programs relevant to academic libraries.
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ACRL in SL Transcript for 09/30/2009 Meeting 

Oct 15, 2009 12:22 PM

September 30, 2009

[17:12]  Abbey Zenith: we are now an ALA Interest group and it can include all virtual worlds, not just SL
[17:12]  Farzaneh Eel: and interest group is good - more informal
[17:12]  Abbey Zenith: include
[17:12]  Adra Letov: things look really different around us
[17:14]  Dede Longfall: since i'm new...what is the interest groups' interest? i mean any specifics? i know its rudimentary question...
[17:14]  Abbey Zenith: academic librarians and libraries in virtual worlds: how we can support and help each other and support education here.
[17:15]  Dede Longfall: thanks i'm still trying to get my bearings and be more active
[17:15]  Abbey Zenith: this area needs an update badly :)
[17:15]  Dede Longfall: maybe a disco ball?
[17:16]  Abbey Zenith: would you all like to see a different design here?
[17:16]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: I like having all the meeting archives clearly available on the wall.
[17:16]  Abbey Zenith: wow you said starbucks and I immediately thought coffee house
[17:17]  Adra Letov: openness is good
[17:17]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: cushy chairs are always nice.
[17:17]  Adra Letov: unfettered access
[17:17]  Adra Letov: it is nice to have seating
[17:17]  Dede Longfall: i work in a windowless office so this is nice...kind of expansive
[17:17]  Brian Garfield: Any way we can highlight more academic libraries in SL for those that are looking for collaborators or new information?
[17:18]  Alexandria Knight: It would be nice to post an invitation to upcoming meetings on the same sign with the meeting archives
[17:18]  Adra Letov: yes, easy to see sign
[17:18]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: I like the openness, too.
[17:18]  Dede Longfall: maybe hit up all the univ. lib. in existence for something
[17:18]  Brian Garfield: I teach workshops and many people still do not understand what libraries are doing. Once they come into SL, a starting point of ideas may be nice.
[17:18]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: This just seems modeled on an airline terminal.
[17:18]  Dede Longfall: change the carpet
[17:19]  Farzaneh Eel: yes, I agree with Brian re: workshops & needing to explain from scratch...
[17:19]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: How much will the sim rules let us change?
[17:19]  Farzaneh Eel: what are libraries doing here...
[17:19]  Dede Longfall: it does look like a terminal but i like the view
[17:19]  Farzaneh Eel: why are there librarians here...etc
[17:19]  Dede Longfall: well we have a small classroom space for those instructors who
[17:19]  Farzaneh Eel: might be nice to have a list of institutions represented...
[17:19]  Abbey Zenith: we can do pretty much as we please, though I'm not sure they'd want us to put a building up
[17:19]  Dede Longfall: want to introduce using sl
[17:19]  Abbey Zenith: we can also have a platform in the sky if we wanted.
[17:19]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Good topics, Farzaneh.
[17:19]  Brian Garfield: I think the advantage and uniqueness of SL is to not have all these real world buildings.
[17:20]  Adra Letov: true Brian
[17:20]  Farzaneh Eel: right - no need to mimic rl all the time
[17:20]  Alexandria Knight: Well, maybe more than the buildings and objects, it would be nice to have an ongoing series of events
[17:20]  Dede Longfall: we've been doing a lot of RL promotimg of SL for our instrutors
[17:20]  Abbey Zenith: yes Alexandria
[17:20]  Alexandria Knight: Maybe similar to ACRL chats
[17:20]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: I used to go to a building in one sim which has recently become a veranda.
[17:20]  Scota Grut: looks like you folks are a deliberate group, not lost newbies :)
[17:20]  Brian Garfield: I am organizing the chat with a librarian series that we had early in 2009.
[17:20]  Dede Longfall: Bryan Carter/Mnemonic has an exchange program with a swedish class
[17:21]  Abbey Zenith: Brian how is that going?
[17:21]  Brian Garfield: ACRL and LLAMA have put there support behind it.
[17:21]  Abbey Zenith: I'm looking forward to those :)
[17:21]  Dede Longfall: for your university?
[17:21]  Alexandria Knight: How about inviting library school students from library schools all over the world to come and interact with academic librarians?
[17:21]  Brian Garfield: I will probably jsut do the first one myself to get things going. Have a couple other people I amtalk ing to.
[17:21]  Dede Longfall: how does that work?
[17:21]  Abbey Zenith: an event Alexandria?
[17:22]  Farzaneh Eel: what series are you talking about, Brian?
[17:22]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: and interact with each other.
[17:22]  Abbey Zenith: we could coordinate that with Adra
[17:22]  Brian Garfield: I suspect first one will be in late October.
[17:22]  Alexandria Knight: Yes, maybe one among many
[17:22]  Brian Garfield: Than eveyer 3-4 weeks
[17:22]  Abbey Zenith: I'm all for it :)
[17:22]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: I would be very interested in what the global students would have to say, too.
[17:22]  Alexandria Knight: I don't know about the program you mentioned, though, Brian
[17:22]  Alexandria Knight: Can you tell us more?
[17:22]  Adra Letov: coordination is good
[17:23]  Brian Garfield: It is about a one hour chat with a real world librarian talking about their job, interests, and projects.
[17:23]  Farzaneh Eel: where does it take place? name of program/series?
[17:23]  Adra Letov: on Info International?
[17:24]  Abbey Zenith: We started it last year - Real Life Librarian Chat - but it can be called something else. Brian has agreed to manage it.
[17:24]  Adra Letov: yes, that's great, went to some
[17:24]  Farzaneh Eel: i hadn't heard of those - thanks for sharing!
[17:24]  Abbey Zenith: he's gotten support from ACRL and LLAMA, so we are looking forward to some great chats!
[17:24]  Dede Longfall: RL in SL...real librarians in second life
[17:24]  Adra Letov: one thing about students, they have a lot of trouble adding professional things to their schedules
[17:24]  Abbey Zenith: And yes, it has traditionally been on Info Island.
[17:25]  Adra Letov: so will the real life librarian chats be here?
[17:25]  Alexandria Knight: Yes, of course--whoever can attend would be welcome
[17:25]  Abbey Zenith: They will still be on Info right Brian?
[17:25]  Brian Garfield: Yes, in info island
[17:25]  Dede Longfall: maybe they can be in differenct univ. settings?
[17:25]  Abbey Zenith: Not a problem Laualie :) join if you like
[17:25]  Dede Longfall: if they have space
[17:26]  Dede Longfall: "space"
[17:26]  Lauralie Dawodu: what is the meeting about?
[17:26]  Abbey Zenith: Academic librarians in SL :)
[17:26]  Farzaneh Eel: or it could be in same place, then take "field trips" to visit library of interest...
[17:26]  Dede Longfall: that way people could see different sl libraries and univs
[17:26]  Dede Longfall: ooohhh true
[17:26]  Lauralie Dawodu: cool
[17:26]  Lauralie Dawodu: I am a MLIS student at FSU
[17:26]  Abbey Zenith: That is a good idea....the field trips :)
[17:26]  Farzaneh Eel: might be good for branding / recognition to hold event in same place- for starters
[17:27]  Farzaneh Eel: recognition factor
[17:27]  Abbey Zenith: That's great Lauralie :) Do you know Adra? She has a LIS STudent union.
[17:27]  Dede Longfall: get with the librarian at the diff libraies
[17:27]  Lauralie Dawodu: I do not
[17:27]  Alexandria Knight: Yes, we did tours of some SL libraries (DLF member libraries) & they were quite popular
[17:27]  Lauralie Dawodu: I am fairly new here
[17:27]  Lauralie Dawodu: my class this term
[17:27]  Alexandria Knight: We began with a 10-minute discussion on Entropia...
[17:27]  Alexandria Knight: then we went on tours
[17:27]  Lauralie Dawodu: is Virtual Reference Enviromnet
[17:27]  Lauralie Dawodu: I am trying to learn all I can about Second Life
[17:27]  Abbey Zenith: That's great Lauralie
[17:28]  Lauralie Dawodu: Thank you
[17:28]  Dede Longfall: lots to do!
[17:28]  Alexandria Knight: Starting right here would be very nice...
[17:28]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: I went to a good program on tour guidance options today. I will see if I have any links.
[17:28]  Alexandria Knight: Great!
[17:28]  Abbey Zenith: thanks!
[17:28]  Dede Longfall: wow...i'm so behind
[17:29]  Abbey Zenith: let's get back to revamping this area :)
[17:29]  Abbey Zenith: does anyone want to work on it?
[17:29]  Dede Longfall: i would like to throw in that our "real"" building is done and would love to have you al see it
[17:29]  Adra Letov: Visit the Student Union lauralie, right behind the reference desk, see the LM in the profile of the group
[17:29]  Abbey Zenith: great Dede
[17:29]  Alexandria Knight: Sorry--I have to go now... Would be glad to help out though...
[17:29]  Abbey Zenith: do you have a LM?
[17:29]  Abbey Zenith: thanks Alexandria :) I'll post the transcript.
[17:29]  Dede Longfall: let me grab it for you
[17:29]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Maybe I could do some of it Abbey.
[17:30]  Abbey Zenith: great LoCE :)
[17:30]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: I am a total novice at building, though.
[17:30]  Abbey Zenith: it seems like everyone likes the open not much building needed :)
[17:30]  Farzaneh Eel: what do you have in mind, Abbey?
[17:30]  Dede Longfall gave you J.F. Drake LRC Montclair State CHSSSouth (151, 188, 21).
[17:30]  Farzaneh Eel: for revamping
[17:30]  Adra Letov: yes, maybe landscaping
[17:30]  Abbey Zenith: some comfy chairs or sofas....
[17:31]  Abbey Zenith: something that looks right with the area
[17:31]  Farzaneh Eel: is contracting someone a possibility for building, revamping, decorating?
[17:31]  Dede Longfall: i can place plants but not much else
[17:31]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: I have loads of plants and furniture, though I'm not sure why. :-)
[17:32]  Lauralie Dawodu: thank you for the Landmark DeDe
[17:32]  Brian Garfield: This carpet is miaking me dizzy.
[17:32]  Adra Letov: the ramp part here seems wasted, can't use it for anything
[17:32]  Abbey Zenith: Farz, I don't think so, this is a do it ourselves project
[17:32]  Abbey Zenith: well we have a hill
[17:32]  Dede Longfall: yvw...we are so looks almost exactly like our rl
[17:32]  Abbey Zenith: and I wasn't sure that Oberon would let us terraform
[17:32]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: ramp makes it more accessable
[17:32]  Dede Longfall: that calls for snow and sleds adra
[17:33]  Abbey Zenith: but I can ask
[17:33]  Adra Letov: we could have more of a plateau with a few stairs up to the level area
[17:33]  Abbey Zenith: ok
[17:33]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Some of my groups include avatars in wheelchairs.
[17:33]  Dede Longfall: good thought
[17:33]  Abbey Zenith: we could have a ramp and stairs? :)
[17:34]  Adra Letov: I see, the ramps are easier, but this one takes a lot of space
[17:34]  Lauralie Dawodu: LO
[17:34]  Dede Longfall: what a bout a simple teleport from the bottom
[17:34]  Lauralie Dawodu: aren't you with VAI?
[17:34]  Lauralie Dawodu: Dede, that sounds helpful
[17:34]  Brian Garfield: I would not teleport to replace a ramp.
[17:34]  Abbey Zenith: most important is the info, how we display it and having space for meetings, discussions, social events, classes.
[17:34]  Farzaneh Eel: i agree
[17:34]  Adra Letov: yeah the info displays
[17:35]  Abbey Zenith: I'll see if we can terraform
[17:35]  Brian Garfield: You could take the current lay out and run information boards down one more side.
[17:35]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: maybe we could keep a partial ramp
[17:35]  Adra Letov: added wall of boards
[17:35]  Abbey Zenith: I have perms to do it, I just need to ask first :)
[17:35]  Adra Letov: yes keep part of the ramp
[17:36]  Brian Garfield: The ramp could be 3 squares wide instead of 6 and raise the other half of the ramp tp be more platform.
[17:36]  Dede Longfall: is it possible to make a people mover type thing that incorporates accessabilty?
[17:36]  Abbey Zenith: overkill?
[17:36]  Lauralie Dawodu: thank you all for allowing me to observe your meeting
[17:36]  Adra Letov: RUSA has larger signage
[17:36]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: with maybe a nice, decorative rail or planters or benches...or all of the above
[17:36]  Adra Letov: It can be read from the ramp, ACRL cannot
[17:37]  Lauralie Dawodu: i would like to help sometime if you need or want the help
[17:37]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Thank you for the offer, Lauralie
[17:37]  Adra Letov: yes, at the end
[17:37]  Adra Letov: great, please do Lauralie
[17:37]  Abbey Zenith: and the plants there aren't even ours :)
[17:38]  Abbey Zenith: let me check with Oberon first to see if we can flatten this
[17:38]  Abbey Zenith: and use more of the area
[17:38]  Brian Garfield: the shrub at the end of the ramp is not part of our area? It looks nice.
[17:38]  Abbey Zenith: then we can come up with a design that suits us :)
[17:38]  Abbey Zenith: no it is ALA
[17:38]  Dede Longfall: its all family right?
[17:39]  Abbey Zenith: does that sound like a good plan?
[17:39]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Yes, Abbey
[17:39]  Abbey Zenith: see what we are allowed to do here then go from there.
[17:39]  Brian Garfield: I do like that we are displaying the website and wiki.
[17:39]  Abbey Zenith: yes some of the info is good, some is way out of date
[17:40]  Brian Garfield: We should display Connect as well since it is becoming the working and special presence of ALA.
[17:40]  Farzaneh Eel: are all the meeting minutes here as well?
[17:40]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: The area on the other side, where the group kiosks are, is already set up more like what we are thinking of.
[17:40]  Abbey Zenith: Farzaneh I think so, we may be missing the last one.
[17:40]  Farzaneh Eel: yes, i don't see anything from 2009 here
[17:41]  Farzaneh Eel: might be nice to increase sl content here....
[17:41]  Abbey Zenith: Folks... truth is, I need help doing this :) What you see here is something I put together.
[17:41]  Brian Garfield: I started a facebook page sometime ago and we really have not used it much yet.
[17:41]  Brian Garfield:
[17:42]  Robin Mochi: Need help doing which parts, Abbey?
[17:42]  Abbey Zenith: for example the information
[17:42]  Farzaneh Eel: is there a list somewhere with college & research libs that have an sl presence?
[17:42]  Abbey Zenith: if someone could do different elements and keep it updated it would work better :)
[17:43]  Robin Mochi: oh, so what types of information to include, Abbey?
[17:43]  Abbey Zenith: (Several someones so it isn't a burden)
[17:43]  Farzaneh Eel: seems like new people might want to see various examples of what other college & research libraries are doing...
[17:43]  Abbey Zenith: that would be a good project...
[17:43]  Farzaneh Eel: i'll be glad to help compile a list if there isn't one
[17:43]  Adra Letov: good point Farz
[17:43]  Farzaneh Eel: sort of our own "showcase"
[17:43]  Robin Mochi: yes, Farz
[17:43]  Abbey Zenith: great idea
[17:43]  Adra Letov: excellent
[17:43]  Dede Longfall: i hate the in world else can we find the info?
[17:43]  Farzaneh Eel: because new people come and want to see examples
[17:44]  Farzaneh Eel: well, i guess i would start with the inworld search and then probably google, etc
[17:44]  Farzaneh Eel: it's imperfect, but...
[17:44]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: The list would be helpful for our orientation and tour events, too.
[17:44]  Adra Letov: yes, if you start a list we can take photos and add it to the showcase
[17:44]  Dede Longfall: yea, its rough but it works
[17:44]  Abbey Zenith: I just removed the ACRL meeting info - but that could be replaced by what ACRL is doing at Midwinter.
[17:44]  Brian Garfield: Can you feed a flickr feed into SL?
[17:44]  Farzaneh Eel: i may already have a start on a list anyway, from a presentation i did last year
[17:45]  Robin Mochi: Was that what you had originally planned, Abbey? with the slideshow of me and my old avi over there? Or are we talking about something else completely?
[17:45]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Is the facebook page the kind of resource where we could post the list?
[17:45]  Farzaneh Eel: yes, i think you can do flikr
[17:45]  Abbey Zenith: We have ACRL feeds - I don't see why not
[17:45]  Farzaneh Eel: or at least you can link OUT to it..
[17:46]  Abbey Zenith: do you all see the board on this end
[17:46]  Abbey Zenith: the one with Robin on it?
[17:46]  Robin Mochi: yes, NMC has a great flickr gettr tool too...something like that could be cool to use if it connected to a bunch of SL librarian flickr pics...
[17:46]  Abbey Zenith: that one was supposed to hold pics and info about academic librarians and libraries in SL
[17:47]  Adra Letov: I like the librarian profiles on that board
[17:47]  Dede Longfall: being technologically impaired i can't help much
[17:47]  Abbey Zenith: Robin was the only one who donated
[17:47]  Brian Garfield: I maintain the ALA LLAMA website. We have started using Flickr, Slideshare, and blogs to maintain our web content. It than feeds to the main website. I think the same approach would be good for SL.
[17:47]  Robin Mochi: I bet that would be different now, Abbey. I think it would
[17:47]  Abbey Zenith: all we need is a snapshot and notecard and we can put them all there.
[17:47]  Robin Mochi: I think more would be interested
[17:47]  Farzaneh Eel: Brian, that's a great idea
[17:47]  Dede Longfall: thats very thorough brian
[17:48]  Farzaneh Eel: and adding to the info here (with snapshot & notecard) is good too
[17:48]  libShow owned by Abbey Zenith gave you 'NOTE.ACRL in SL072208'  ( ).
[17:48]  Brian Garfield: It allows not technies to contribute but also exposes content to those that do not visit the LLAMA website. An approach for teh ACRL SL information may also draw in a larger audience that way.
[17:48]  Dede Longfall: right
[17:48]  Farzaneh Eel: yes - plus it reaches them where they're already going
[17:48]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: How is information added to the Meeting Archive?
[17:48]  Farzaneh Eel: flikr, blogs, fb, etc
[17:49]  Abbey Zenith: The same way
[17:49]  Farzaneh Eel: looks like notecard & texture
[17:49]  Abbey Zenith: a texture and a notecard
[17:49]  Abbey Zenith: it is simple.
[17:49]  Dede Longfall: very cool
[17:49]  Abbey Zenith: I'll get that updated
[17:50]  Dede Longfall: so do we send that to?????
[17:50]  Robin Mochi: yes, Abbey I'd be glad to work to get that info updated and put into the viewer like the one mine is in...I need to redo my info anyway
[17:50]  Brian Garfield: For example here is "acrl" and "sl" in Flickr:
[17:50]  Abbey Zenith: I probably have the transcripts, but someone else could do it in the future.
[17:50]  Abbey Zenith: Thanks Robin.
[17:50]  Robin Mochi: If you want help with that part, that is, Abbey...
[17:50]  Abbey Zenith: Absolutely!
[17:50]  Brian Garfield: We could dsiplay that here and tell people how to tag relevant photos.
[17:51]  Robin Mochi: I would also love to figure out a way to get more ACRL in SL group members involved here
[17:51]  Dede Longfall: i hate that i have to sit on my hands for most of this
[17:51]  Abbey Zenith: I think it is time for another event :)
[17:51]  Dede Longfall: yep
[17:51]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: sack races and egg tosses? :-)
[17:51]  Abbey Zenith: lol
[17:52]  Dede Longfall: baloon flights
[17:52]  Abbey Zenith: what about a tour?
[17:52]  Abbey Zenith: we could start here
[17:52]  Dede Longfall: what about a site wide hunt like the shps do?
[17:52]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Are the little boats still on the ALA lake?
[17:52]  Dede Longfall: shopes
[17:52]  Abbey Zenith: and visit different academic libraries or librarians
[17:52]  Dede Longfall: shops
[17:52]  Robin Mochi: yes, tour could be a good idea...something fairly simple for newbs too maybe?....
[17:52]  Abbey Zenith: people that want to highlight what they are doing
[17:52]  A group member named Devon Chaffe gave you CF University - NCI Classroom, BOOMER ISLAND (234, 49, 22).
[17:53]  Abbey Zenith: and set times to visit them so they can be manned.
[17:53]  Adra Letov: There will be an IL in SL event in Nov for ACRL
[17:53]  Abbey Zenith: the tour could be in a notecard
[17:53]  Adra Letov: my students are doing that
[17:53]  Farzaneh Eel: yes, I met some of your students, Adra :)
[17:53]  Abbey Zenith: that's a good one too...
[17:53]  Adra Letov: good, what did they do? looking for reports, lol
[17:53]  Farzaneh Eel: :)
[17:53]  Abbey Zenith: we could participate there
[17:54]  Farzaneh Eel: they came to the library i work at - they asked great questions - it was fun!
[17:54]  Robin Mochi: oh, yes, the IL in SL would be a great tie in
[17:54]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Having prizes might help us get more participants.
[17:54]  Dede Longfall: very much
[17:54]  Adra Letov: Yes, they haven't sratred working it out yet, but will very soon
[17:54]  Abbey Zenith: where will it be?
[17:54]  Adra Letov: here, lol at ACRL
[17:55]  Abbey Zenith: ok :)
[17:55]  Robin Mochi: the IL in SL will be all over SL in many different locations, isn't that correct, Adra? I missed the last meeting so could have that wrong...
[17:55]  Abbey Zenith: it would be great to get this area set up by then
[17:55]  Adra Letov: yes, but ours is here on this very spot
[17:56]  Adra Letov: not sure which day fort hte event between Nov 9-15
[17:56]  Dede Longfall: make a big push for the notecards ectc by theat time?
[17:56]  Dede Longfall: that
[17:56]  Abbey Zenith: a great opportunity for us here
[17:56]  Robin Mochi: yes, agree, we should get the place looking good by then if at all possible...yes, great opportunity!
[17:56]  Adra Letov: and some of you might participate as panelists for the students?
[17:57]  Robin Mochi: It could even be an opportunity to get some new librarians into SL is something I've been thinking about...
[17:57]  Abbey Zenith: yes
[17:57]  Adra Letov: yes me too
[17:57]  Robin Mochi: yes
[17:57]  Dede Longfall: Constance Kira and I could try to help with tht if we are up to speed
[17:57]  Farzaneh Eel: what do you need for the panelists?
[17:57]  Dede Longfall: and are needed
[17:58]  Adra Letov: not sure yet Farz, will get back to you on that tho
[17:58]  Farzaneh Eel: ty
[17:58]  Abbey Zenith: Ok I've left an IM message for Oberon about terraforming.
[17:58]  Abbey Zenith: I'll let you all know as soon as I hear something.
[17:59]  Adra Letov: do we have an Oct meeting set?
[17:59]  Adra Letov: I have to go to an RL meeting now
[17:59]  Abbey Zenith: Thanks Adra...
[18:00]  Abbey Zenith: no not yet, is any date best?
[18:00]  Robin Mochi: yes, thanks, Adra, see you later :)
[18:00]  Adra Letov: Just so we meet monthly and I will know more aboiut the Nov event then too
[18:00]  Abbey Zenith: Tuesdays?
[18:00]  Abbey Zenith: ok
[18:00]  Adra Letov: k
[18:00]  Robin Mochi: I can try to make that too
[18:00]  Abbey Zenith: I'll let you all know with the transcript :)
[18:00]  Brian Garfield is Online
[18:00]  Robin Mochi: thank you, Abbey
[18:00]  Robin Mochi: thanks all
[18:00]  Robin Mochi: I must run...
[18:00]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: sorry. AFK for a bit
[18:01]  Abbey Zenith: thanks for coming :)
[18:01]  Robin Mochi: back on the ref. desk in a minute
[18:01]  Farzaneh Eel: thanks
[18:01]  Abbey Zenith: I'd forgotten about Adra's event... that should work for us through the end of this year...
[18:01]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: I usually an not able to make SL Tuesday evenings.
[18:01]  Dede Longfall is Online
[18:01]  Abbey Zenith: and we can have the tour event early next year
[18:01]  Brian Garfield: need to take off. Have a good night.
[18:01]  Abbey Zenith: ok, is another day better?
[18:01]  Dede Longfall: gn
[18:01]  Farzaneh Eel: bye
[18:01]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: good night
[18:02]  Abbey Zenith: thanks for coming Brian!
[18:02]  Brian Garfield is Offline
[18:02]  Dede Longfall: any but thursday
[18:02]  Dede Longfall: for me
[18:02]  Abbey Zenith: Wed?
[18:02]  Dede Longfall: cool
[18:02]  Farzaneh Eel: how are meetings usually announced?
[18:02]  Abbey Zenith: ok :) I'll grab a date mid Oct on a Wed.
[18:02]  Farzaneh Eel: i stumbled on this one by chance
[18:02]  Abbey Zenith: I announce them in this group
[18:02]  Abbey Zenith: and Librarians of SL
[18:03]  Farzaneh Eel: thanks
[18:03]  Abbey Zenith: and they are on the ALA calendar
[18:03]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: good coverage
[18:03]  Farzaneh Eel: k
[18:03]  Abbey Zenith: and Brian puts them in facebook I think :)
[18:03]  Abbey Zenith: Thank you all for coming :) SOrry we're a bit disorganized.
[18:03]  Farzaneh Eel: thanks, all - rl calling - gotta go for now! :)
[18:04]  Dede Longfall: wheres the best place to find out what differnt librarians are actually doing in SL?
[18:04]  Abbey Zenith: Thanks Farz :)
[18:04]  Dede Longfall: don't hit me for not knowing
[18:04]  Abbey Zenith: that's a problem Dede there isn't one :)
[18:04]  You decline 'Open Mic Night @ the WOI Library'  ( ) from WOI Library.
[18:04]  Dede Longfall: really? i htought i was just out of touch
[18:04]  Abbey Zenith: nope
[18:04]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: there are lots, which is a problem
[18:04]  Dede Longfall: man, thats something we can put togheter
[18:04]  Abbey Zenith: yes
[18:05]  Abbey Zenith: on Info we have a directory
[18:05]  Abbey Zenith: and it is attached to a google form
[18:05]  Abbey Zenith: so people can add themselves
[18:05]  Abbey Zenith: but they don't do that either :)
[18:05]  Dede Longfall: yes....seen it but does it include folks outside the group? i mean ala wise?
[18:05]  LoCE99Ch8 Morpork: Oops. Must run to next meeting. bye all
[18:05]  Abbey Zenith: sure :)
[18:05]  Dede Longfall: i don't kmow what i'm trying to ask
[18:05]  Abbey Zenith: it is for any library in SL


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