NEW DATE: Quest for Language Learning in the Metaverse

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Charge: The Virtual Worlds Interest Group provides an opportunity for academic librarians with virtual environment interests and responsibilities to have a place in ACRL to network, share information, ask questions, and work on special projects, promote accessibility and provide programs relevant to academic libraries. The VW Interest Group also works to promote the various uses of virtual reality in all formats (desktop, mobile and headset) to potential and current academic librarians and to improve information literacy (metaliteracy) specifically in virtual spaces. The ACRL VWIG sponsors events, programs and meetings held mainly within the virtual world of Second Life and explores other developing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality platforms in the evolving metaverse.
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When:  Jul 19, 2023 from 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (PT)
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Are you ready to explore the limitless possibilities of virtual worlds for language learning?

Come visit Golden Dragon Quest and discover the incredible opportunities that await in Edunation.

Tour Guide:  Pionia Destiny (Dr. Doris Molero)

Dragon Quest

Edunation is a vibrant community of passionate language educators who are dedicated to integrating virtual worlds into language teaching.  This tour will give you an inside look into the innovative work being done in this field, as well as the chance to experience firsthand the power of virtual environments for language acquisition.

During the Golden Dragon Quest, you will be guided through an interactive journey that will showcase the various affordances available in virtual worlds for language learning. 
 As you navigate through different virtual spaces and engage in immersive activities, you will witness how virtual worlds can enhance language comprehension, cultural understanding, and communication skills.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to explore the cutting-edge intersection of education and technology! Whether you are a language learner, an educator, or simply curious about the potential of virtual environments, this tour will leave you inspired and amazed.

Let's unlock the magic of virtual worlds for language learning together!

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Online Instructions:
Login: Login: Create an avatar in Kitely and meet at the VWEC Pavilion. For help, send an IM to Valibrarian Gregg or Cooper Swizzle