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  • 1.  Research data + social media question

    Posted 20 days ago
    Hi all,

    I'm seeking the collective wisdom of the Data Services Discussion Group: A student would like to  deposit a small dataset of public responses (interviews, reviews, tweets, etc.) to films in our IR. The dataset contains variables like the names of films reviewed, the general sentiment expressed (positive/negative/mixed), URL, and platform the review was retrieved from. My reading of the Terms of Service for many of the platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, etc.) is that data collection and sharing from their sites would go against these terms. I wonder if this is too restrictive an interpretation?

    Can anyone share resources for collecting and disseminating social media data, or how you have addressed them in the past?

    Thank you,

    Cecilia Smith
    Director of Digital Scholarship
    University of Chicago

  • 2.  RE: Research data + social media question

    Posted 19 days ago

    Hi Cecelia,

    You might want to check out DocNow and their Hydrator  (Look under tools for Hydrator.)  You are correct – you can't distribute full tweets, but you can collect tweet IDs, and using the Hydrator tool, "rehydrate" the tweet IDs to retrieve the content in the future.  That's all I know about it ��





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