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Provides a forum for dance librarians and others working in or interested in dance to discuss issues and exchange ideas; encourages, develops and supports projects which will improve access to and the organization of dance materials in libraries and archives; informs, educates and encourages cooperation through activities and programs on dance.

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Dancing with Decolonisation

  • 1.  Dancing with Decolonisation

    Posted Apr 22, 2022 03:44 AM
    Hello All! 
    We invite you to join us once again for 
    Dancing with Decolonisation (DWD), an online multi-day series of events that focus on de/colonial concepts centered around dance and movement performance studies. Originally established last year, Within the context of its founding, DwD sought to disrupt, dissect, and discuss the notion of decolonisation, what it means to decolonise dance and movement studies, if it is possible and whether that is in fact the right terminology to use. We recognize that decolonisation itself is a western concept and understand that labour engaging hegemonic power structures across borders may be engaged with this subject matter in different ways. Due to this, we take a broad view of decolonisation, allowing various interpretations addressing a broader multi-cultural understanding. Last year we heard from academics, artists, choreographers, and performers from around the world who shared both their artistic endeavours and their research with us around this topic. This year we seek presentations and proposals for the following from both scholars and artists of all backgrounds for an online presentation: Academic Research Talks (40 minutes + 20 minutes discussion)
     Workshops or Movement Classes (40 minutes + 20 minutes discussion)
     Lightning Talks (10 minutes each, time reserved for discussion)
     Research Panels (40 minutes + 20 minutes discussion)
     Performance / Video Talks (Video, 10 minutes artists statement, time reserved for discussion)
     Something Else! You may find the submission form here:
     Though we will accept a variety of submissions from different researchers and prospective individuals, we encourage topics around: Relationships on Music and Movement
     Restructuring Movement Education
     What else can a dance class look like?
     New ways of choreographic engagement
     Panel Discussions from Choreographers
     Embodiment and Identity in Movement Practice Submissions are due by May 29th for priority consideration, with notice being given by June 6th. This year events will take place over a 6 week span, starting from July 25th and running to September 3rd. Presentation dates will be confirmed with presenters by June 6th, in part dependent upon availability. You may find our new and improved website at:
    Connect with us on Instagram (@dancingwithdecolonisation) or Twitter (@ddecolonisation)!

    Andi Johnson
    Deputy Librarian
    London Studio Centre