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Provides a forum for exchanging information between science and technology publishers and vendors and science and technology librarians.

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The Role of Metadata Standards in Scientific Data Publishing: Part One

  • 1.  The Role of Metadata Standards in Scientific Data Publishing: Part One

    Posted Feb 10, 2012 02:50 PM

    This program, sponsored by the ACRL STS Subject & Bibliographic Access to Scientific Materials Committee and the Publisher/Vendor Relations Discussion Group, took place on Sunday, January 22 from 10:30-12pm, in Convention Center room D168. 

    Program Description

    Enhancing access to scientific data sets has become a major goal of research funding efforts. Unless better care is taken to standardize the metadata and technical descriptors used to make them discoverable, there is a concern that these data sets might disappear within the corpus of "grey literature." This session was “part one” of a discussion that will continue with a program at the ALA’s annual meeting in Anaheim.

    Three invited experts on standards for research information participated in the discussion. Linda Beebe is Senior Director of PsycINFO at the American Psychological Association, and currently Co-Chair of the NISO-NFAIS Working Group on Supplemental Journal Materials, which is working to develop best practices for selecting, curating, and delivering supplemental materials. Todd Carpenter is Managing Director of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), a not-for-profit group devoted to the development and adoption of standards for research information. Joan Starr is Chair of the Metadata Working Group at DataCite, an international organization working for easier access to research data in scholarly communications and is Strategic and Project Planning Manager for the California Digital Library.

    For those who would like more background on the issues that this panel explored, the committee recommends the following sources:

     Our panel has shared their presentations:

    Todd Carpenter:

    The PowerPoint files for Linda Beebe and Joan Starr are attached.

    One of our colleagues, Kathy Szigeti, provided a copy of her notes that described the meeting (see Discussion1_Group_Summary ... below).

    Thank you for your interest!