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ALSC Children's Collection Management Discussion Group

To provide a forum for the discussion of common issues and concerns in children's collection development and maintenance.

ALCTS CMS Collection Evaluation and Assessment Interest Group

To identify and promote useful qualitative and quantitative assessment measures that provide management information for the assessment of library collections both in the local setting and on the national and international level.. To promote better utilization of existing assessment measures...

ALCTS CMS Adminstration of Collecton Management Interest Group

Provides a forum for the discussion and analysis of issues related to the administration of collection management and development, including but not limited to budgeting and fund allocation, organization and staffing, collection development policies, collection analysis, preservation, and...

ALCTS CMS Collection Management and Electronic Resources Interest Group

To address issues related to collection management of electronic resources, their funding, negotiation and license agreements, and selection policies; to consider the adjustments an electronic environment requires of collection developers; to act as section liaison with other groups dealing with...

ALCTS PARS Book and Paper Interest Group

Discussion of matters related to the preservation and continuing role of books, paper-based materials, and other tangible artifacts in collections. Discussion includes, but is not limited to, library binding, physical quality and treatment. Reports to the PARS Preservation Standards &...

Guide to Reference

Guide to Reference is a public community for networking and information-sharing in support of reference services in all types of libraries. Initiated by editors of ALA's subscription database Guide to Reference, this community encourages interaction with the editorial team, by suggesting...

ALCTS CMS Collection Development Issues for the Practitioner Interest Group

Identifies the forces of change in the development and management of collections as they affect the individual selector, and as they contribute to the selector’s ability to address and manage these changes. To this end the committee will take such actions as presenting forums and programs,...

Map Collection Management Discussion Group

Provides a forum for discussion of and action on issues concerning the collection and management of cartographic materials and spatial data acquisition.