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ACIG Midwinter 2019 presentation - Young

Library of Congress Update to the Authority Control Interest Group by Janis Young at the 2019 ALA Midwinter meeting. #Midwinter #DivisionALCTS #DivisionLITA #Authorities #Cataloging

ACIG presentation Young.pptx

ALCTS CaMMS Committee on Cataloging: Asian & African Materials (Cataloging and Metadata Management Section)

1. To consider all aspects of problems in the bibliographic organization of materials issued in or dealing with Africa and Asia, with the exception of Asiatic Russia. 2. To review the use of the various ISBDs for describing materials written in nonalphabetic scripts or nonroman alphabets used in...

ACRL ANSS Subject and Bibliographic Access Committee (Anthropology and Sociology Section)

To provide an exchange of information and act as a clearinghouse for issues and concerns related to bibliographic access (including, but not restricted to, subject headings, call numbers, and name authorities) to materials in anthropology, sociology, criminology and criminal justice, and related...

Rusyn Romanization Table Task Force

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