Dr. Chad Pearson

Associate Librarian/Public Services Reference Librarian,
Texas A&M University

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Associate Librarian/Public Services Reference Librarian,
Texas A&M University
5000 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-5000
United States

Chad Pearson

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I am a maverick and interdisciplinary thinker. I am creative and analytical, starting out in the creative arts but finding my professional calling in librarianship. I love to learn about all types of things, which explains my diverse education but also my intense desire to see the value and connections among all types of knowledge. I write creatively and academically, and I like to sing as well. I also enjoy watching films, mostly foreign and independent. I believe, like Aristotle, that it is important to maintain a sense of wonder when approaching knowledge and the world.

I believe each reference transaction is unique and relies on dialogic interaction on multiple levels. I believe in a maieutic reference process, guiding the patron to his/her own information realization and true inquiry need. I believe reference is a noble calling, a shared information discovery with humanity that allows us to broaden and expand our worldviews.

Some areas of research interest:
Artificial intelligence and usage for information retrieval
Rhetorical arguments between container and content in library studies – preservation of artifact vs. reader response
Evidence-based practice
Horizon technologies for information storage and retrieval
Night librarianship
Enhancing and personalizing the reference transaction