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This community is for anyone interested in learning more about social work in public libraries. The PLA Social Worker Task Force will use this space to discuss issues facing public libraries, provide a space to connect with others, generate and share best practices and resources.
  • 1.  Interview Questions

    Posted Jun 25, 2021 08:43 AM
    Does anyone have sample interview questions for a Library Social Worker?

    Darcy Mohr
    Head Adult & Youth Services
    Racine Public Library

  • 2.  RE: Interview Questions

    Posted Jun 28, 2021 01:35 PM
    It's been a while since I have needed to interview, but here are some saved ones. The formatting is off because I took them from a few files - including intern interviews.

    • Get schedule from applicant. We will do backgrounds once we make a hiring decision.


    • Tell us about yourself.




    • What case-management programs have you used in the past?




    • How is your previous experience applicable to the work we do here?




    • Tell us about any previous experience working with clients?




    • How familiar are you with client documentation?




    • What types of work environments or cultures cause the most stress for you?




    • What is your ideal type of work environment?




    • What populations and demographics have you worked with in the past?




    • What motivates you to apply for this position?  What do you hope to get from employment?




    • New Hope can be fast paced and requires a lot of documentation and paperwork? Tell me about your organization style?
    • What do you hope to get from this employment?




    • If hired for this position, what is your proposed start date?
      • Can you describe a time in which you received excellent customer service?




      • You are interviewing a client who suddenly breaks down and reveals that she is living in her car.  She says she only needs $5.00 for gas so that she and her children can drive the car to a safe spot tonight.  What do you do?
      • What do you know about the social work department within Richland Library? How did that motivate you to apply for this position?



    Thank you,

    Lee Patterson, LMSW | Notary Public
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    Social Work Director
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  • 3.  RE: Interview Questions

    Posted Jun 29, 2021 08:17 AM
    This is very helpful. Thank you.

    Darcy Mohr
    Head Adult & Youth Services
    Racine Public Library