PLA Interest Groups

PLA members are connected to a community of 9,000+ public library professionals where they can share skills and develop new ones. By joining a PLA interest group, you'll connect with public library people who share the same interests as you. Listed below are the PLA interest groups designed to increase member engagement, foster connections and networking, help members find what they need, and drive conversations around key areas affecting public libraries. Please note that PLA personal membership is required to join most interest groups and you must be logged into your account. 


The Legislation and Advocacy interest group is for members interested in educating our communities about why libraries and librarians are essential in an information society. Join the Advocacy interest group.

Data and Measurement

The Data and Measurement interest group is for members interested in increasing their knowledge and skills related to library data, assessment, evaluation and impact. Join the Data and Measurement interest group.

Digital Literacy

The Digital Literacy interest group is for members who provide digital literacy training in their libraries, or for those interested in learning more about making their libraries digital literacy learning centers. Join the Digital Literacy interest group.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) interest group is for members interested in building skills and organizational capacity to address issues of EDI. Join the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion interest group

Family Engagement

The Family Engagement interest group is for members interested in helping children and families in their communities succeed in school and life. Join the Family Engagement interest group.


The Health interest group is for members interested in increasing their knowledge and skills related to consumer health services and programming to help patrons better navigate complex health issues. Join the Health interest group.

Immigration and Citizenship

The Immigration and Citizenship interest group is for members interested in providing accurate and useful information about immigration and citizenship at their libraries. Join the Immigration and Citizenship interest group

Social Work

The Social Work interest group is for anyone interested in learning more about social work in public libraries. The PLA Social Worker Task Force will use this space to discuss issues facing public libraries, provide a space to connect with others, and generate and share best practices and resources. Join the Social Work interest group. (This group is open to the public, and does not require PLA personal membership.)

Workforce Development/Small Business

The Workforce Development/Small Business interest group is for members interested in establishing, sustaining, and promoting workforce development and/or entrepreneurship and small businesses development in their libraries. Join the Workforce Development/Small Business interest group.

As a result of participating in a PLA interest group, you will:

  • Grow your professional network
  • Increase your professional development skills
  • Increase your knowledge of the topic
  • Increase your confidence in the topic
  • Increase your awareness of resources related to the topic
  • Apply what you learn in your library
  • Share what you learn with colleagues
  • Increase your engagement with PLA

As an interest group member, you are expected to contribute to ongoing discussions and onboard colleagues to expand the community’s reach.
Ways to engage on ALA Connect:

  • Start new discussions
  • Respond to existing discussions
  • Ask questions
  • Follow up with members that respond to your questions
  • Share resources
  • Share your stories and experiences
  • Invite colleagues to join the group
  • Submit feedback to the PLA staff liaison with ideas for improving the interest group

PLA thanks you in advance for helping build our new communities and for your patience as we get things started! As always, we welcome your feedback. Please contact the staff liaison assigned to your interest group to submit any suggestions for improvement.