Mr. Aaron Dobbs

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

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Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

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Aaron Dobbs

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• Strategic and Succession Planning 2003-
• Trend-watching and Future-planning 2002-
• Resources and Services Integration 2000-
• Collection Development 1994-
• Domain expertise in: Business (Communication, Ethics, Management, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management), Computer Science (Network Management, Interoperability), Social Sciences (Library & Information Science, Psychology)

Collection development includes: assessing and evaluating use of library collections, both print and electronic formats as well as monograph and serial publications, adapting to changing use patterns, anticpating future collection needs and user preferences, managing funds balances, and developing new funding sources.

Resources and Services Integration includes: managing and developing online resources and services, exploring and developing tools to improve UX of library resources and services, trying out new tools or opportunities for ease of discoverability, promoting and improving availability of resources and services to existing and developing platforms, and keeping an active, open mind about ways to meet users' expectations.