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    Posted Jul 08, 2010 11:19 AM

    All - are we going to do a program in New Orleans?  Scottsdale will be nearly done with our LSTA grant so I'd be happy to sign up for a panel discussion if we're going to put one on.  We have to submit by the end of the month. -- Aimee

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    Posted Jul 18, 2010 09:44 AM

    Hi all,

    Aimee, could you explain what your LSTA project was? I emailed Cody, the current IG chair, about the possible programming idea for New Orleans a while ago but didn't hear back. I also volunteered to be the next IG chair but I am not sure if that begins this year or next year.

    Other programming ideas discussed at the IG meeting at D.C was to do a series of presentation about tools/methods to make a mobile library site from the simplest to the more sophisticated. Could cover basics of webkit CSS, some frameworks like JQtouch or iUi, other tools like Dashcode and Phonegap which Jim showed in his short presentation at the IG group meeting.

    Please chime in and add more ideas!





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    Posted Jul 19, 2010 10:53 AM

    Hi Bohyun - we have $18,500 to create a mobile website. Most of that money is going to a consultant to help us determine our audience for the site and what they want/need from us there. We really want the site to fit a niche for the community and not be just like every other library website. We will also hold some money back for app development of some sort, depending on what the market research tells us. We're working on hiring the consultant now. At conference I would be happy to talk about the market research and how it played into our site development. - Aimee

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    Posted Jul 30, 2010 02:23 PM
    Hi Aimee, I just realized that the deadline for ALA 2011 proposal is tomorrow. It is quite late to organize a panel program. But how about presenting on your projects at our MCIG meetings either at MW and Annual or both? Depending on the topic we can invite more people who have worked on a similar project. It will be just like a panel program only that smaller in size and more informal in discussion. What do you think? Bohyun

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    Posted Jul 30, 2010 03:16 PM

    Hi Bohyun - I forgot about the deadline as well.  I'm sure I'll have something to present on at Midwinter so I'm happy to do that. -- Aimee

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    Posted Jul 30, 2010 04:22 PM

    If you're serious about making it work, submit your proposal(s) now!

    (you can change it if needed, this stage is still pretty flexible)

    This is mostly a placeholder so Conference Services will have a feel for how many rooms to tell the venue…



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    Posted Jul 30, 2010 06:11 PM

    Bohyun and all you MC-IGers -

    hope I didn't overstep but I went ahead and submitted a program proposal form.  We had SO MUCH good stuff at our last meeting that I think if we just presented that the program would be a hit.  Just think of what we'll have to show a year from now!  I'm happy to put the work in to assemble a panel if we need to go outside of our little group.  Here's what I put in for the placeholder. -- Aimee

    Where Y'at? New Developments in Mobile Library Technology

    Want to get your library on your patrons' phones but aren't sure where to start?  This panel discussion will examine research done to determine what library customers want in a mobile site, review innovative sites and apps developed by a range of academic and public libraries, and offer helpful tips on how you can get started on your mobile web presence.

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    Posted Jul 30, 2010 08:07 PM
    Hi Aimee,

    That's great! I think it is a wonderful and timely topic. I will help you structure and organize the panel if the proposal is accepted. I organized LITA ETIG panel program at DC. It took some efforts but was a lot of fun. 


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