Aimee Quinn

NAU, Yuma Campus

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NAU, Yuma Campus
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I've been involved in libraries most of my life but I never thought I would be a librarian until I began working with government documents as an undergrad at the University of New Mexico.  I then became a library staff member in Government Publications which was a Regional Depository with a large historical collection being a land grant institution.  I fell in love with these materials and several of the staff and the librarians encouraged me to stop my graduate studies at UNM and instead pursue my MLIS.  My boss actually arranged for me to call the Dean of the SLIS program at LSU who had a spot waiting for me if I could pass the graduate requirements.  I did, I went, and I never looked back.  It was the best professional decision I've made; and each day, I learn something new about this wonderful field and profession. I love teaching government information to people and library science to students. It is a great day, each day, because I get to share this wonderful world of information.


School of Library & Information Science
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
MLIS, 1990
Library & Information Science
1989 To 1990
Advisor: Dr. Lee Schiflett