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Participate in learning opportunities in-person and online. ALA and its divisions, round tables, and offices provide many opportunities to support your professional growth. Meet your ongoing learning needs at affordable member rates! Enjoy continuous career growth! Here are some of the ways you can further your knowledge on popular topics:

Attend ALA Annual Conference or ALA Midwinter Meeting

Our ALA Annual Conferences and Midwinter Meetings provide fantastic opportunities to share your ideas. Submit a program proposal, participate on a panel, and attend the sessions your colleagues are presenting.

Online Learning

Online learning – webinars, courses, workshops, e-forums and more – is offered by divisions, offices, ALA Publishing and others.

Publishing & Publications

ALA has a variety of publications and books available online or via print. Many divisions and round tables provide periodicals and journals with membership, so be sure to learn about their offerings.

Additional Resources

Take a look at even more of what ALA has available—scholarships, ALA’s Leadership Institute and opportunities from the Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment.