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PCC Test of the Official RDA Toolkit Begins

  • 1.  PCC Test of the Official RDA Toolkit Begins

    Posted Oct 17, 2022 03:44 PM

    Dear colleagues,

    The PCC Task Group to Test the Official RDA Toolkit is pleased to announce that the test will take place between October 17 and November 4, with the evaluation taking place between November 14, 2022 and January 6, 2023. The task group's final report is expected in spring 2023.

    For the test, testers have been asked to create 6-8 bibliographic records in MARC or BIBFRAME and at least 1 authority record (if NACO trained) using the Official RDA Toolkit, the LC-PCC Policy Statements, and the Metadata Guidance Documentation. They will document the steps they take to describe the items, as well as the difficulties they encounter, in order to identify where policies and guidance need revision.

    For the evaluation, evaluators will review the bibliographic and authority records, analyze tester templates, and compile comments where the policies and guidance should be updated, as well as areas that may require extra attention during training.

    To assist with the test, the following documentation is available:

    • Documentation for Evaluators

      • Guidelines for Evaluators

      • Blank Evaluator Template

      • Sample Tester Template with Mistakes

      • Sample Evaluator Template

      • Posttest Survey for Evaluators

    Records created for the PCC test of the Official RDA Toolkit may be contributed to shared catalogs, such as WorldCat and the LC/NACO Authority File, using the same coding as original RDA, that is, 040 $e rda and 042 $a pcc (for authenticated BIBCO and CONSER records). Test records may be edited by others according to current cataloging practice.

    Questions about the PCC test of the Official RDA Toolkit can be directed to the task group at pccrdatest@lists.berkeley.edu.

    Questions about PCC implementation of the Official RDA Toolkit, as well LC-PCC Policy Statement revisions and Metadata Guidance Document revisions, can be submitted via the PCC RDA Communications Committee Feedback Form.



    On behalf of the PCC Task Group to Test the Official RDA Toolkit

    Adam Baron
    Head of Metadata Services
    University of California, Berkeley Library