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ISBD for Manifestation - World-wide Review Introductory Webinar

  • 1.  ISBD for Manifestation - World-wide Review Introductory Webinar

    Posted 23 days ago

    Apologies for cross-posting.

    Dear colleagues,

    As you may know, the ISBD Review Group commissioned the ISBD for Manifestation Task Force in 2019 with the remit to align the ISBD Consolidated edition (2021 update) with the Manifestation entity of the IFLA LRM bibliographic conceptual model. In the remit was also to develop an element set with accompanying stipulations.


    The ISBD for Manifestation Task Force has completed a first draft of the ISBD for Manifestation (ISBDM) in the form of an online tool, and the review phase which is currently underway will soon arrive at its last step, the Official World-wide Review, planned mid-May until mid-July 2024.


    The ISBD Review Group, would like to invite you to a World-wide Review Introductory Webinar 25 April 2024 (preliminary time 3-5 pm CET). This will be a 2 hour webinar, with the first hour dedicated to presentations, and the second hour to questions and comments. If you wish, look at the draft ISBDM ahead of the webinar in order to prepare some questions: https://www.iflastandards.info/ISBDM/

    Please save this date at the moment, and further information will follow.


    Kind regards,


    Mikael Wetterstrom

    ISBD Review Group Chair

    Gordon Dunsire