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  • 1.  Future of ALA discussion at Council 2

    Posted 19 days ago

    It was great to see some Councilors again, meet a few more, and enjoy San Diego. 

    Posting my quick notes from the speed comments at Council 2 on the one thing ALA should focus on.   Perhaps other Councilors can add their thoughts to this discussion here.  

    Any mistakes are mine.  Missed a few comments also. 

    Future of ALA discussion at Council 2- limit to one minute

     Why this discussion?   

    Structure of change at ALA

    ED Director set for August

    New ED board structure

    Financial operating agreement

    Role in right to read 

    Librarians in practice

    Aaron- We are ALA  - leadership need to build opportunities 40k 50k members

    Broad grassroots outreach

    Only do…focus - funding, IF

    Show ALA value to libraries 

    Access to digital materials

    Plain language - ALA docs hard find or understand

    Info Tech comm reach out Itach in ALA

    New website

    New managed services vendors IT area

    American Indian Lib Assocs

    Active tribal libs-  ALA not useful to them

    Not just tribal, small comm 

    No money for conference or PD

    More Engagement 

    CO- better explain value

    Better state and Ala communication

    OH- ongoing operating agreement

    Recognize next stages 

    Difficult convos w leaders 

    Holistic more nimble

    Going to be hard not just individual units


    Improve public perceptions

    librarians called Evil, groomer, indoctrination 

    Anti library legislation in LA 

    2 yrs prison for attending ALA just blocked


    Much better job support school librarians

    C at Large- 

    Forward Together, surveyed and centralized goals after survey

    Build capacity and strat plan and goals

    Andrew Pace-

    Fiscally knowledgeable Ala future

    Occasionally deferential to board, 

    Not for profit but not for losses

    More money in, 

    Jim Neal-

    attended 104 consecutive conf

    Legal status 


    Freedom to read

    Get dirty in political…other orgs do it and well, attention for it

    ( others like EveryLibrary doing this work) 

    NY Nick Buron- need non library advocates, public influencers 

    150 anniversary kickstart that

    School librarians

    Librarians lost jobs

    need more Ala help on ground 

    Storytelling helps 

    Leslie Burger, Acting ED- "getting input helps inform work at org level"

    Better notes should be found in Minutes 

    Laverne Mann MLIS
    NJLA Chapter Councilor
    Cherry Hill Public Library, NJ

  • 2.  RE: Future of ALA discussion at Council 2

    Posted 17 days ago
    Edited by Anchalee Panigabutra-Roberts 17 days ago

    Thanks so much, Laverne, for sharing the notes on the future of ALA above. 

    And I concurred on great seeing everyone at the Council meetings and hearing some of your voices via the virtual meetings. 

    On this item of the future of ALA, I did speak in Council II on providing more affordable housing options for conference attendees; specifically to re-introduce the dormitory housing options on college campuses for housing at ALA annual conferences in the future. 

    I could not have been able to engage with ALA earlier in my membership years with ALA, had it not been for the dorm housing options. 

    Given this time of less-generous travel budgets from the members' institutions and rising costs of travels, I do hope that this housing option will be considered. 

    With this option, I hope it will encourage more participation from our members and also attendance at the conferences. 

    Thank you ALA Executive Board and Councilors for your consideration. 

    Anchalee Panigabutra-Roberts
    Head of Cataloging
    University of Tennessee Libraries

    ALA Councilor At-Large

  • 3.  RE: Future of ALA discussion at Council 2

    Posted 16 days ago

    The dorms are a great idea! I had no idea ALA used to provide that as an option.


    For those of you interested in learning more about Plain Language, I recommend checking out the fantastic website from the Federal Government. I'd love to see an ALA where our policies, toolkits, and website were written so that any interested person can gain access to the information they need. Having tools for library workers that are easy to understand and approachable would go a long way towards disrupting the notion that ALA is only for bigger libraries with lots of resources.




    Erin Berman

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